Thousands of protesters in Belgrade against EuroPride

Thousands of protesters in Belgrade against EuroPride

Thousands of religious and right-wing activists marched through the Serbian capital on Sunday (September 11) calling on the authorities d’to forbid l’Euro Pride. The event scheduled for next weekend has been canceled by the authorities, but the organizers are holding back.

The demonstrators carrying a huge Serbian flag This included groups that also shouted slogans supporting Russia, Serbia’s historic ally, and nationalist causes d’rightmost.

«They want to desecrate the sanctity of marriage and family and impose a distorted union as a substitute for marriage.»the leader of l’Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch M. Porfirije added l’EuroPride threatens traditional family values.

A column of bikers supporting the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin and l’invasion of l’Ukraine through Russia revved their engines in support of the marching crowd highto St. Sava Cathedral in Belgrade to pray.

L’EuroPride takes place in a different European city every year, l’Year 2022 is Belgrade’s turn. But following l’outrage from the right, M Vucic blocked l’Event at the beginning of the month, assumed to the « major crisis in Kosovo».

The organizers have therefore decided to oppose the government and want to organize a demonstration despite the risks.

Saturday (September 10th), M Vucic said threats had been made versus Go and c’The police will decide whether it should be cancelled.

L’Homosexuality is legal in Serbia, but same-sex marriage is not allowed and discrimination against LGBT people is widespread.Also the rhetoric of politicians and chiefs d’Church is characterized by discrimination and l’Antagonism.

Serbian governments have banned Pride marches and some events at the beginning of Pride Years 2000 were overshadowed by violence.

Many in the crowd waved Russian flags on Sunday, a show of support for Moscow in a country where the government is struggling d’balance his ambition to join l’European Union with its historical ties to Russia and China.

L’said political scientist Dusan Janjic theHe believes that this time the Russian secret service is behind the anti-Pride movement.

«With the Night Wolves and the Bishops, it was obvious that the GRU was behind it all.»he said roughly d’there is one more demonstration d’one week.

Bikers from the Night Wolves took part l’Invaded Crimea in 2014, and its members fought on the Russian side in Ukraine. They have branches in Serbia and in Republika Srpska in Bosnia, but the group’s Russian leaders have been banned d’came to Bosnia four years ago.

Brussels said Serbia needs to go through a number of reforms to become a member l’EU, in particular to improve l’Rule of law and its human rights record l’men and minorities.

The commission it’sis opposed to the actions of the Serbian authorities and calls on them to respect the rights of l’homme

«EuroPride has been campaigning for this for years l’consistent equal rights for LGBTI+ citizens l’Europe to give a voice to those who are often discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. These are basic rights for l’EU and we await our close partners thethey respect her too»said the spokeswoman for the European bloc, Ana Pisonero.

The situation was also condemned by MPs from around the world l’political spectrum, including the EPP, l’Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, Renew Europe, Die Linke, the European Greens and many members of the Middle right.


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