“To all these people”: a hundred personalities denounce the words of Caroline Cayeux in a forum

“To all these people”: a hundred personalities denounce the words of Caroline Cayeux in a forum

Caroline Cayeux is not yet finished with the controversies surrounding her 2012 remarks against marriage for all. – Photo: Oise Hebdo Archives

It was announced on Friday July 15. A forum denouncing the remarks of the Minister Delegate for Local Authorities made in 2012 against marriage for all, amplified by her clumsy excuses to “These peopleTuesday, July 12, was published in the Sunday newspaper this July 17. titled “To all those people», it was signed by 129 personalities and political leaders including former ministers and even members of the presidential majority.

The signatories wonder:How to accept the remarks made by the Minister in charge of Territorial Communities on the eve of the national holiday? How to accept that a member of the executive, whose first role is to ensure the application of the laws, can call “those people” French citizens? How not to see that, in his mind, they do not belong to the same category of citizens?“. They add, moreover, thathomosexuality no longer constitutes a crime since August 4, 1982.»

his regrets would have had a real impact if they had had at least the strength of sincerity.»

The platform “To all these people”

The forum recalls that Caroline Cayeux certainly apologized for these comments from 2012, but “The question is not whether this new minister has, in her entourage, friends among “those people”, like a mask on her prejudices“, denounce the authors. “She deliberately chose to maintain homophobic remarks: it is certainly reprehensible. And only a judge should decide that.»

The text published in the JDD does not explicitly call for the resignation of Caroline Cayeux. But he asks the questionif the government, in its duty of solidarity, validates the position of one of its members, and if the majority subscribes to its attitude. It is a matter of defending not such and such a community, but respect for the principle of equality and legality by a member of the government. We know that setting an example is more necessary than ever to maintain peaceful and constructive democratic debate.Several members of the government have already spoken on the subject, including Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. Everyone seems to now want to move on.

His words hurt many of us personally“, assure the signatories. “While the extremist and populist parties put the country, through their objective alliance, in a situation of permanent social tension, it is up to the elected officials who find themselves in the values ​​of the Republic to work even more to unite, and not divide. The words of a minister, regardless of her protocol rank, have a symbolic force that often exceeds the legal force: her regrets would have had a real impact if they had had at least the force of sincerity.»

Ironically, a column published in the JDD and signed by Caroline Cayeux had undoubtedly favored the entry of the mayor of Beauvais into the government. The elected official had validated a text of support from 600 local elected officials for Emmanuel Macron during the presidential election. It remains to be seen whether this new platform will seal its fate.

Below is the list of the 129 signatories:

  1. Mikaël Agopiantz, gynecologist, lecturer in Nancy
  2. Frédéric Aguilera, mayor of Vichy
  3. Saïd Aït-Ouaraz, Deputy Mayor of Anthony
  4. Driss Aït-Youssef, Doctor of Public Law
  5. Samia Badat-Karam, Councilor of Paris
  6. Quentin Bataillon, MP for the Loire
  7. Aurélien Beaucamp, CSR Director
  8. Christophe Beaugrand, journalist
  9. Patty Beaumier, collaborator of the Ile-de-France Rassembly group
  10. Arnaud Beaumont, president of Modem Isère
  11. Florence Berthout, mayor of the 5th arrondissement of Paris
  12. Philippe Besson, writer
  13. Olivier Blond, regional councilor for Ile-de-France
  14. Julie Boilot, former elected representative of Paris
  15. Franck Boisselet, referent LREM Paris 12th
  16. Benoît Bordat, MP for the Côte d’Or
  17. Jean-Marc Borello, President of the SOS Group
  18. Adrien Borne, writer
  19. Frédéric Borriello, producer
  20. Karim Bouamrane, mayor of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine and vice-president of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis
  21. Alix Bougeret, councilor for Paris, regional councilor for Ile-de-France
  22. Antoine Boulay, President of Bien Commun Advisory
  23. Doctor Michel Bourelly, president of an association for the fight against AIDS
  24. Delphine Burkli, mayor of the 9th arrondissement of Paris
  25. Doctor Hervé Cael, municipal and metropolitan councilor of Nice, administrator of GayLib
  26. Pauline Caillat, former ministerial cabinet director
  27. François de Cambiaire, lawyer
  28. Yves-Marie Cann, former special adviser to Agnès Pannier-Runacher
  29. Clémentine Charlemaine, General Delegate of Cinema for All
  30. James Cheron, Mayor of Montereau-fault-Yonne, Vice-President of the Ile-de-France Region
  31. Billy Chrétien, departmental councilor of Côte d’Or
  32. Cédric Clech, mayor of Tonnerre, departmental councilor of Yonne
  33. Jérôme Courduriès, anthropologist, teacher-researcher at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès
  34. Boris Cyrulnik, neuropsychiatrist
  35. Sarah Daninthe, Olympic medalist, data product manager
  36. Florian Dautil, municipal councilor delegated to the city of Saint-Ouen
  37. Michelle Dayan, lawyer
  38. Sabrina Decanton, 1st deputy to the city of Saint-Ouen
  39. Matthieu Delcambre, Deputy Mayor of Boutigny-sur-Essonne
  40. Sophie Deschiens, deputy mayor of Levallois, regional councilor of Ile-de-France
  41. Joël Deumier, former president of SOS Homophobia
  42. Laurence Drake, general delegate of the foundation Act against exclusion (FACE)
  43. Sébastien Dromigny, mayor of St Just en Brie (Seine-et-Marne), regional councilor of Ile-de-France
  44. Sébastien Dulermo, 1st deputy mayor of the 9th arrondissement of Paris
  45. Henry Dupas, president of the Young Radicals
  46. Xabi Elizagoyen, deputy mayor of Rueil-Malmaison, departmental councilor of Hauts-de-Seine
  47. Laurent Escure, General Secretary of the UNSA
  48. Sylvain Fort, former adviser to the President of the Republic
  49. Philippe Foussier, vice-president of Unity Lay
  50. Isabelle Froment-Meurice, 1st Deputy Mayor of Villiers Saint Benoit, Vice-President of the Department of Yonne
  51. Mathieu Gallet, entrepreneur, president of Majelan.
  52. Raphaël Gérard, MP for Charente-Maritime
  53. Frédérick Getton, president and co-founder of Centr’égaux (association of LGBT+ centrists and democrats), member of the board of the MoDem Paris
  54. Joël Giraud, deputy for Hautes-Alpes, former minister
  55. Nicolas Gorjux, 1st Deputy Mayor of Cannes
  56. Alex Goude, animator and director
  57. Thierry Guerrier, journalist
  58. David Guillerm, president of Democrats for the Planet, member of the MoDem
  59. Thierry Hebbrecht, regional councilor for Ile-de-France
  60. Serge Hefez, psychiatrist
  61. Eléonore Heuzé, press officer
  62. Antoine Hoareau, deputy mayor of Dijon, vice-president of Dijon metropolis
  63. Christian Honoré, councilor of the 18th arrondissement of Paris
  64. Pascal Houzelot, founder of PINK TV and the Isota association
  65. Fabrice Hyber, visual artist, member of the Academy of Fine Arts
  66. Aurélie Jean, doctor of science and entrepreneur
  67. Vincent Jeanbrun, mayor of L’Haÿ-les-Roses, president of the Ile-de-France group gathered at the Ile-de-France regional council
  68. Fabien Joly, lawyer, spokesperson for the ADFH
  69. Patrick Karam, Vice-President of the Ile-de-France Region
  70. Pierre Karleskind, MEP
  71. Jack Lang, President of the Arab World Institute
  72. Yann-Maël Larher, municipal councilor of Boulogne-Billancourt, deputy president of GayLib
  73. Jose Levy, designer
  74. Ronan Loas, mayor of Plœmeur, vice-president of the departmental council of Morbihan
  75. Emilie Lopez, journalist
  76. Sophie Lorant, former Ministerial Advisor
  77. Jean-Pierre Lecoq, mayor of the 6th arrondissement of Paris
  78. Vincent Leclercq, NGO leader
  79. Pierre Lungheretti, Deputy Director of the National Theater of Chaillot
  80. Eric Maillard, producer
  81. Vincent Malard, collaborator of David Belliard (deputy mayor of Paris)
  82. Ambroise Méjean, president of Youth with Macron (JAM)
  83. Anne-Louise Mesadieu, deputy mayor of Chaville, regional councilor of Ile-de-France
  84. Catherine Michaud, president of GayLib, regional councilor of Ile-de-France
  85. Nelson Monfort, journalist
  86. Romain Mouton, president of the Cercle de Giverny
  87. Jean Nainchrik, producer
  88. Sarah Nerozzi-Banfi, deputy mayor of Herblay, general secretary of the Île-de-France Rassembly group
  89. Arnaud Ngatcha, Deputy Mayor of Paris
  90. Rachid Ouramdane, director of the national theater of Chaillot
  91. François Ouzilleau, Mayor of Vernon
  92. Anne-Valérie Payet, actress, screenwriter, director
  93. Sarah Persil, Vice-President of the Bourgogne Franche Comté Region
  94. Béatrice Picon-Vallin, research director at the CNRS
  95. Brigitte Pistre, mayor of Frazé
  96. Olivier Ponsoye, association leader
  97. Yannick Prioux, patient association manager
  98. Guillaume Rivalland, co-founder of Trait d’Union (association of progressive and republican collaborators)
  99. Jean-Luc Romero, Deputy Mayor of Paris, President of Elected Locals Against AIDS
  100. Michèle Rubirola, 1st Deputy Mayor of Marseille
  101. Virginie Salmen, co-founder of ViensSeeMonTaf
  102. Gilles Schmidt, municipal councilor of Rambouillet, president of the Radical Party 78
  103. Georges Sérignac, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France
  104. Albin Serviant, CEO I/O Media, publishing director of TÊTU
  105. Michel Simon, president of Artemuses
  106. Camille Simonet, head of feminist association
  107. Bertrand Sirven, former deputy chief of staff of Bruno Le Maire
  108. Camille Spire, president of AIDES
  109. Jean Spiri, vice-president of CRIPS
  110. Benoît Solès, author, actor, regional councilor for Ile-de-France
  111. Chrystel Sombret, deputy chief of staff of the Île-de-France Rassembly group
  112. Nicolas Soret, Mayor of Joigny, Vice-President of the Bourgogne Franche Comté region
  113. Alexandra Szpiner, regional councilor for Ile-de-France
  114. Irène Théry, sociologist
  115. Chenva Tieu, founder of the Talks of Excellence
  116. Nathalie Tortrat, mayor of Gouvernes, regional councilor of Ile-de-France
  117. Guillaume Trichard, deputy general secretary of the UNSA
  118. Catherine Tripon, spokesperson for L’Autre Cercle
  119. Catherine Tronel, Mayor of Argentenay, Departmental Councilor of Yonne
  120. Aurélien Véron, Councilor of Paris
  121. Gérald-Brice Viret, media director
  122. Alexandre Urwicz, president of the ADFH
  123. David Valence, deputy of the Vosges
  124. Manuel Valls, former Prime Minister
  125. Henri van Melle, association president
  126. Yann Wehrling, Vice-President of the Ile-de-France Region
  127. Ariel Weil, Mayor of Paris Center
  128. David-Xavier Weiss, 1st deputy mayor of Levallois, departmental councilor of Hauts-de-Seine
  129. Sébastien Zonghero, municipal councilor of Saint-Ouen


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