Too expensive fuel: motorhomes will drive less this summer

Too expensive fuel: motorhomes will drive less this summer

Obviously, the deadly combination of rising fuel prices, inflation, shortages of raw materials and longer delivery times is not enough to erase the euphoria born of the lifting of health constraints and the ‘opening of the borders. Because the French want to roll – at all costs. Last year, the consequences of the health crisis prompted a record number of our compatriots to buy the motorhome of their dreams: more than 100,000 of these houses on wheels were registered in the space of 12 months. Unheard of, with an increase of 23% over one year (or even 49% for less expensive fitted vans).

Never have so many French people acquired a motorhome than last year: inevitably, they want to take advantage of it this summer

Inevitably, it burns to all these motorhomes to embark on the roads to take advantage of the lifting of the latest health restrictions. The only brake on this enthusiasm is the rise in the price of fuel, of which “82% consider that it represents an obstacle for their movements”, reveals the recent opinion survey conducted by Camping-Car Park among 4,000 motorhome owners. More than half of respondents plan to “stay longer in the same reception area”, while 41% plan to do “fewer stages”, and 16% to stay in their region of residence.

However, price inflation is not enough to discourage all motorhome users from crossing our country’s borders. If they were 98% last year to spend their holidays in France, they should only be 82% this summer. A remarkably high proportion when you know how voraciously the engine of these houses on wheels can swallow fuel (from 10 liters to 30 liters per hundred kilometers on average, depending on the elevation and speed).

By way of comparison, the rise in fuel prices will have a “significant impact” on the choice of their destination of only 39% of French people who will be content with their car to travel this summer (source: YouGov survey for Bip&Go). However, 69% of them admit that this inflation will have an impact on their vacation budget.


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