TVA announces the end of the Artis evening

TVA announces the end of the Artis evening

TVA announced on Tuesday that the Artis evening, formerly called Gala Artis, was bowing out after 36 years of existence. This decision was taken “after a long reflection of several months”, in particular on the declining interest in traditional galas.

The world of media and television is constantly changing, and faster and faster. What used to be a guarantee of success is no longer always relevant today explained the management of TVA in a press release.

This is the case with traditional galas, which no longer correspond exactly to their original mission. Moreover, the interest in this kind of evening is in decline throughout the world.

The TVA network announced in January the indefinite postponement of the 37th Artis evening, due to the 5th wave of COVID-19 and the impossibility of knowing if the event could take place in front of an audience. The 37th gala, initially scheduled for May 9, will therefore never take place.

Recall that the 36th Artis awards evening was recorded in front of a limited audience in 2021, after being canceled outright in 2020. Last year’s gala was that of the Beautiful discomforts 2.0while its interpreters Julie Le Breton and Martin Matte had received the title of personalities of the year.

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