Twenty NGOs call for a safe haven for Mediterranean survivors

Twenty NGOs call for a safe haven for Mediterranean survivors

About twenty NGOs have a “ important call” Monday (November 7) by hundreds of ” Mediterranean Survivors » still stranded on board four humanitarian vessels in or off Italian waters.

This text was sent by SOS Méditerranée and signed notably by Oxfam France, Action Contre la Faim, Emmaus International, Médecins du Monde, Human Rights Watch and the Norwegian Refugee Council. “Calls on Italy, Malta, European States and the European Commission to facilitate the immediate disembarkation of all survivors currently stranded aboard the rescue vessels Ocean Viking, Geo Barents, Humanity 1 and Rise Above in a safe location in the central Mediterranean ».

“Malta’s silence and Italy’s general policy of delaying the disembarkation of survivors is prolonging the suffering of these people seeking safety.”these NGOs exist and state that “In recent months, the delay in designating a safe place has increased at a worrying rate”.

When the Italian authorities allowed two of these ships to enter the port of Catania in Sicily, they refused to let all the migrants collected on board ashore after they were driven off the Libyan coast in the central Mediterranean on makeshift boats.

Only 357 people, including children, were able to disembark from the Geo Barents, a Norwegian-flagged MSF ship that docked Sunday night, while 215 others remained on board. Likewise, 144 of Humanity 1 of the aid organization SOS Humanity were able to disembark under the German flag, 35 other adult migrants, all male, had to stay on board.

How are you? “does not conform to maritime conventions”, insists on this call. Likewise, the request from the Italian authorities to leave these two boats with their unwanted passengers “constitutes a violation of international law and is simply unacceptable from an ethical, moral and security point of view”blame these NGOs.

Two other ships, the Ocean Viking of the NGO SOS Méditerranée based in Marseille with 234 migrants on board and the Rise Above of the NGO Mission Lifetime, also under the German flag, are still looking for a port.

“We, the undersigned, (…) are shocked at the disregard for the dignity and safety of the 573 survivors on board the four ships by Italy, Malta and their European partners”continue these humanitarian organizations.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), 1,765 migrants have disappeared in the Mediterranean since the beginning of the year, including 1,287 in the central Mediterranean, the most dangerous migration route in the world.


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