Two centers to get vaccinated against monkey pox in the Oise

Two centers to get vaccinated against monkey pox in the Oise

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While monkey pox (also called Monkeypox in English) is spreading week after week in France, two vaccination centers are available in the department. They are located in Compiègne and Beauvais. Vaccination against Monkeypox “is free and requires you to make an appointment beforehand”. These vaccinations are done at the Compiègne hospital center (03 44 23 63 05) and at the Beauvais hospital (03 44 06 53 40).

The Hauts-de-France Regional Health Agency explains that the target audience for vaccination against monkey pox are :

  • People who have been exposed to a confirmed case of monkey pox
  • Men who have sex with men and trans people, in both cases multipartners
  • People in a situation of prostitution
  • Professionals working in places of sexual consumption

14,000 people vaccinated in France

The Monkeypox vaccination regimen includes two doses two days apart OR one dose for people born before 1980 and who have already been vaccinated against smallpox OR three doses for immunocompromised people. The vaccination can be carried out by a doctor or a nurse specifies the ARS.

There are currently about 14,000 people vaccinated against the epidemic in France. The target population represents about 250,000 people according to the High Health Authority. So far, 42,000 doses have been delivered to vaccination centers. In some departments, it remains complicated to get appointments.

The disease is currently gaining ground in France. As of August 2, according to Public Health France, 2,239 cases had been identified. Most of them in Ile-de-France (50% of cases), then in Occitanie or Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. In the Hauts-de-France 89 cases have been identified so far.


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