Ukraine: 10,000 refugees left France to return to their country

Ukraine: 10,000 refugees left France to return to their country

The state estimates the number of displaced Ukrainians who returned to their country after being admitted to France at around 10,000, the head of France‘s Office for Immigration and Integration (Ofii) told AFP on Monday.) Didier Leschi. “We estimate that around 10,000 (Ukrainian displaced persons) left at the end of September, according to the deactivated asylum seeker ID cards,” explains Ofii’s director general, who delivers the first estimate of this movement almost eight months after the start of the war in Ukraine.

Less renewal of temporary protection

To verify the data on this aid, which is offered to Ukrainian refugees, even if they are not strictly asylum seekers, the authorities also noted “a loss in the extension of temporary protection”, the unprecedented system that Europeans grant to these displaced persons have and renewable semi-annually.

EU extends temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees ‘at least until 2024’

The European Union has extended temporary protection granted to Ukrainian refugees because of the war Russia started “at least until March 2024,” Interior Commissioner Ylva Johansson said on Monday. She specified that currently 4.2 million Ukrainians are affected by this status, granted for the first time by the EU, which gives them rights in terms of access to housing, the labor market, the school system and, in particular, social benefits.

“The directive on temporary protection will apply until at least March 2024,” announced the Swedish commissioner.

“This is in line with what we have seen since the beginning of this crisis, namely that some of the displaced Ukrainians arrive with the aim of returning to their country as soon as possible, while others commute back and forth between France and Ukraine,” said Didier Leschi .

This departure movement also coincides with a significant slowdown in arrivals, “an average of 180” in recent days, which is also reflected in a decrease in the number of French-educated Ukrainian students: almost 19,000 at the end of June compared to 18,500 at the end of September, he continues. Despite this slowdown, around “107,000” displaced Ukrainians are still covered by the Ofii-issued asylum seeker grant, according to Didier Leschi, who estimates the aid paid to Ukrainians at €27 million a month since the war.


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