Ukraine announces a military advance of “several tens of kilometers” in the south

Ukraine announces a military advance of “several tens of kilometers” in the south

Ukraine on Saturday announced a military advance of “several tens of kilometers” in several areas of the southern front, areas captured by the Russian army at the start of the invasion in February.

“Our soldiers are advancing on the southern front in several areas from two to tens of kilometers,” spokeswoman for the Military Command of Southern Ukraine Natalia Goumenyuk told local media. To the east, Ukraine claims to have regained control of the city of Kupyansk, which lies on Russian army supply routes.

This new victory for Kyiv in the Kharkiv region could seriously affect Russia’s ability to resupply its positions on the Eastern Front and provide effective logistical support.

The day before, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that Kiev forces had recaptured 30 towns from Russian troops in this border region of Russia in north-eastern Ukraine. “Kupyansk is Ukraine,” a regional official wrote on social media, posting a photo of Ukrainian soldiers in the city of 27,000.

Reinforcements in the Kharkiv region

Ukrainian special forces have also released images showing their officers “in Kupyansk, which was and always will be Ukrainian.” “Ukrainian forces are advancing in eastern Ukraine, liberating more towns and villages. Their courage, added to Western military support, is producing surprising results,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Oleg Nikolenko said on social media.

“Sending arms to Ukraine is crucial. Defeating Russia on the battlefield means winning peace in Ukraine,” he added. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has meanwhile arrived in Kyiv for a surprise visit in support of Ukraine.

Russia announced on Friday that it had sent reinforcements to the Kharkiv region. Russian state media broadcast footage showing tank columns, howitzers and support vehicles rolling on impassable roads.

The largest city recaptured by Kiev forces so far is Balaklya, whose pre-war population was estimated at 30,000.


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