Ukraine commits to the European Green Deal

Ukraine commits to the European Green Deal

Ukraine is committed to respecting the “European Green Deal” and wants to bring the country back into line with EU climate policy. This will comes despite the devastating effects of war on the environment, Ruslan Strilets, Ukraine’s Environment Minister, told his European counterparts at the informal ministerial meeting on Wednesday (July 13) in Prague .

Ukraine, 20% of whose protected areas are threatened, already takes its environmental commitments seriously. The country’s environment ministry also makes documenting environmental crimes allegedly committed by the Russian military one of its priorities.

“Our territory includes the island of Dzharylhach, which is nicknamed the Ukrainian Maldives. The dolphins living there were not afraid of humans before, but now they are being killed by Russian mines”said Mr. Strilets.

Help from several EU environment ministers has already been offered to the war-torn country, said Czech Environment Minister Anna Hubáčkova, who chaired the meeting. The Czech Republic has held the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU since 1 July. She also welcomed Ukraine’s commitment to European climate policy.

“The European Green Deal is a fundamental pillar of Ukraine’s recovery. We understand that Ukraine’s recovery must be green”Mr Strilets told EURACTIV Czech Republic.

“We must undertake reforms quickly”he added.

According to Hubáčková, Ukraine’s EU candidate status is a real promise that the country will adopt EU climate and environmental legislation.

“It will not be an easy process. We are ready to work step by step and offer Ukraine assistance with legislation and transition to the Green Deal”added the Czech minister.

The Czech Republic also signed, on the sidelines of the meeting, a memorandum on cooperation in environmental protection with Ukraine. This memorandum covers a range of topics, ranging from the development of environmentally friendly technologies to water management and flood protection, through waste management, air protection or conservation. of nature.


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