Ukraine promises to “destroy” the Russians mobilized in battle.

Ukraine promises to “destroy” the Russians mobilized in battle.

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10:46 p.m. September 21, 2022

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decree calling for partial mobilization, the supreme commander of the Ukrainian army vowed on Wednesday to “annihilate” Russians going to Ukraine to fight, including those who are being mobilized.

Ukrainian Army Commander-in-Chief Valery Saluzhny vowed on Wednesday to “annihilate” the Russians who will go to Ukraine to fight, including those mobilized under the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We will crush everyone who comes to our territory with weapons – whether voluntarily or through mobilization,” wrote Valery Zaloujny on Facebook, who rarely speaks to the media.

Ukraine “will continue the offensive”

For his part, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in an interview with the German broadcaster Bild TV that he “does not believe” in the use of nuclear weapons by Moscow. “I don’t think the world will allow that.” He further stated that he “can’t accept that kind of compromise”. Ukraine “will continue the offensive,” he said, saying he was “sure to liberate (our) territories.”

In this context, he said he was “grateful” for Berlin’s military support and called on German MPs to vote on Thursday for the delivery of modern battle tanks that would save “more lives”.


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