Ukraine reacts to Canada’s decision to return a Nord Stream 1 turbine to Germany

Ukraine reacts to Canada‘s decision to return a Nord Stream 1 turbine to Germany

Ukraine’s Energy and Foreign Ministries said on Sunday (July 10) that they were “deeply disappointed” Canada‘s decision to return a gas turbine needed for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany.

Earlier this month, Russia’s state-owned Gazprom cut capacity on the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to just 40% of usual levels, citing the late return of a turbine serviced by German firm Siemens Energy to Canada.

Coins undermine sanctions against Russia

The Nord Stream 1 pipeline transports 55 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea every year. Ukraine had urged Canada not to return the repaired part, saying it would undermine sanctions against Russia.

Siemens said Canada‘s decision to allow a turbine to be sent from its repair shop in Canada to Germany was a necessary first step in getting it back into the Russian gas pipeline it operates. The company also clarified that it aims to deliver it as quickly as possible.

“The political export decision is a necessary and important first step for the delivery of the turbine. Currently, our experts are working intensively on all other formal approvals and logistics”Siemens Energy said in a statement.

“This involves, among other things, the legally required export and import control procedures. Our goal is to transport the turbine to its place of operation as quickly as possible”she adds.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he was relieved that Canada had paved the way for the delivery of the turbine. “We salute the decision of our Canadian friends and allies”did he declare.

The gas turbine’s return to Russia after passing through Canada has highlighted the unintended consequences of Western sanctions against Russia.

According to the compromise, the turbine would first be sent to Germany, so that Canada would not violate any sanctions. Germany will then deliver the turbine to Russia.

Ukraine’s energy and foreign ministries said Sunday they were “deeply disappointed” by Canada‘s decision to hand over the repaired turbine to Germany.

The statement, posted on the Department of Energy’s website, calls on the Canadian government to reverse its decision and says returning the turbine would amount to adapting the sanctions imposed on Moscow “to the whims of Russia”.


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