Ukraine: Why does Vladimir Putin announce partial mobilization?

Ukraine: Why does Vladimir Putin announce partial mobilization?

William Molinié, edited by Gauthier Delomez

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “partial mobilization” for military action in Ukraine, adding 300,000 reservists to the men already stationed there. This decision should allow the Russian army to recoup its losses ahead of the next annexation referendums in Donbass.


Vladimir Putin continues Russia’s offensive in Ukraine. On the 210th day of the conflict, the country’s president announced the partial mobilization of military-age Russians, that is, 300,000 reservists to be deployed. This announcement is actually a direct and operational response by the Kremlin to the defeat at Isium a few days ago, which allowed the Ukrainians to retake 10,000 square kilometers in the Kharkiv region.

One of the reasons for this Russian defeat is the lack of soldiers who cannot hold the 2,500-kilometer front line.

Anticipating the annexation referendums in Donbass

This reinforcement of 300,000 additional men will allow the Russians to regenerate to recoup the losses, even if the capabilities of the Russian army are actually much higher: 2.3 million professional soldiers and up to 25 million inhabitants. It remains to be seen whether the director will follow suit: the soldiers sent to the front must be well armed and equipped with functioning equipment. On this point in particular the Russians were far from excelling.

This announced mobilization is also an anticipation of the annexation referendums in the Donbass starting Friday. The Russians need to protect these areas more as they become Russian in the eyes of Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin chief will now be able to argue that Russia will be attacked in the event of a Ukrainian counteroffensive, and will continue to wield the nuclear threat in the event of an obstacle to the offensive in eastern Ukraine.


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