Ukraine: Will the democracies dare to resort to state terrorism?

Ukraine: Will the democracies dare to resort to state terrorism?


The Russians accuse the Ukrainians of terrorism. The destruction of the Crimean Bridge is of strategic and, above all, symbolic importance for the Kremlin master. Putin wanted it, he inaugurated it. He was even the first to use it while driving a truck.

All weekend, Ukrainian leaders bit their lip to keep from howling with joy. They half-wittedly claimed responsibility for the attack, then flatly denied it, and finally accused the Russian secret services of having participated in an opaque reckoning. It’s the detail that kills. It’s the return of the Lebanese Syndrome!

The Lebanese Syndrome

In the 1980s, Lebanon was the hamster wheel of militias, neighbors, supporters of the region, great powers. The war of all against all. I had a very smart friend there, let’s call him Joe. Joe is an intelligence expert and violent death expert. After each attack, Joe explained to me that it wasn’t whoever took the hit that benefited, but a third party who wanted to incriminate the most obvious suspect, or even a fourth who wanted to make the chaos worse.

This dizzying mise en abyme is the Lebanese Syndrome. Today there is a Ukrainian syndrome. When the Crimean bridge jumps, Kyiv blames the Russian services. When the power lines that supply the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and cool the reactor are cut, Kyiv claims they were bombed by Russian gunners. They are endangering the facility they are occupying and have just annexed, they seem to say.

When a journalist is murdered near Moscow, the Russian services are again criticized. They targeted his father, Alexander Dougin, an intellectual who inspires Putin but didn’t get caught in the car bomb. The French press picked up on this theory and buried the colleague without shedding a tear. If Nord Stream 1 and 2 are sabotaged in the Baltic Sea, sink $13 billion and create irreversibility. Another blow from the Russians!

“This is state terrorism”

Lebanese affairs are finally cleared up. Ten years later the witnesses speak, the archives open and the simplest hypothesis has always been confirmed. It was the Syrians who killed Bashir Gemayel. It was the Lebanese forces that blew up Prime Minister Rachid Karamé’s helicopter. And it was the Iranians and Hezbollah who pulverized Rafic Hariri.

The New York Times, citing US intelligence sources, reported that Ukrainian intelligence killed Daria Dugin and missed her father. We understand that Ukrainians hated the old theorist of Pan-Slavism who claims their nation does not exist. But from there to putting a bomb in your car, there is one step that democracies must not cross. It’s state terrorism.

If it turns out that American or Western services have similarly sabotaged the gas pipelines, which would be logical but unprecedented, we will know that from now on all provocations are allowed and that Putin is not the only one playing at the worst.


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