Ukrainian executive calls on parliament to control arms deliveries

Ukrainian executive calls on parliament to control arms deliveries

The head of Ukraine’s presidential administration on Thursday called on parliament to set up a committee to control arms received by Ukraine from its Western allies to fight against Russia’s invasion.

This proposal comes after the European Union expressed concern that these weapons were smuggled out of Ukraine to equip criminal gangs in Europe.

Parliament, as the legislature, should be involved in oversight of defense aid from allies. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible under martial law.”Andriï Iermak said on Telegram.

However, he assured that all the weapons supplied by the West were ” recorded and sent to the front ».

The follow-up committee will take care of the preparation and consideration of issues related to the control of the use of weapons received from our partners”said the head of the presidential administration.

Transparency is the best recipe against Russian manipulation and disinformation”he added.

This week, the EU said it was setting up a center in Moldova to fight organized crime, particularly arms smuggling from neighboring Ukraine.

kyiv said it closely monitors the weapons it receives from Westerners and that this was a ” priority ” for the government.

Ukraine further accused Russia of spreading propaganda about the proliferation of arms smuggling.

Small arms have been increasingly available on Ukrainian territory since 2014, when Moscow-backed rebels seceded in two regions of the eastern Donbass mining basin, sparking an armed conflict with the Ukrainian military.


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