UN: Europeans call on Iran for nuclear de-escalation

UN: Europeans call on Iran for nuclear de-escalation

France, the United Kingdom and Germany, members of the Iranian nuclear agreement known as the JCPOA, called on Thursday (June 30) for Tehran to de-escalate and ” to return to full cooperation with the UN agency IAEA, following the failure of multilateral talks held in Doha.

We call on Iran to stop and reverse its nuclear escalation, to return to full cooperation with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and to seize without further delay the offer on the table, which would benefit the Iranian people and nation French ambassador to the UN, Nicolas de Rivière, flanked by British and German representatives, told the media.

Iran’s nuclear program is now more advanced than at any time in the past “, he added in his joint statement, while the UN Security Council was to hold a regular meeting on the Iranian nuclear issue.

Intensive diplomatic efforts to restore the JCPOA have resulted in a viable deal on the table since early March. We regret that Iran has so far refused to seize this diplomatic opportunity and continued its nuclear escalation. “, continued the French ambassador.

Unfortunately, to our knowledge, at the meeting that ended yesterday in Doha, Iran once again refused to take the opportunity and instead made new demands “unrelated to the nuclear deal” and unrealistic “, he denounced.

In front of the media, the Irish ambassador to the UN, Geraldine Byrne Nason, who manages the Iranian dossier at the Security Council, called for a return to the negotiating table for all parties. ” We still believe that all parties should come back, including the United States of course, to the table discussions, she said.

The United States said to itself on Wednesday disappointed of the indirect negotiations with Iran on nuclear power which began on Tuesday (June 28) in Doha, where no progress has been made according to Washington, which estimates this cycle of exchanges completed “. On Thursday, however, Iran declared itself “ddetermined to continue the negotiations that have been taking place so far indirectly with the United States.

At the UN Security Council, China and Russia, the other two members of the JCPOA, stressed the importance of preserving the nuclear deal.

It’s necessary ” preserve the results acquired said the Chinese ambassador, Zhang Jun, rejecting the interference and calling on all parties to avoid any unilateral measure “.

Recalling that the unilateral withdrawal in 2018 of the United States had jeopardized the agreement, the Russian deputy ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy, argued that there was “ no alternative to the pact. ” We must do everything to resuscitate him “, he added, also rejecting any” pressure on iran “.

The talks, which opened in April 2021, are intended to reintegrate the United States into the Iran nuclear deal reached in 2015 and bring Iran back to full compliance with its commitments dictated by this pact.


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