United Kingdom: Penny Mordaunt, new darling of the British right

United Kingdom: Penny Mordaunt, new darling of the British right

In the UK, the battle to replace Boris Johnson is in full swing. After two voting sessions for Conservative MPs, five candidates are still in the running… Among them, Penny Mordaunt, the surprise of this election. A junior member of Boris Johnson’s government, little known to the general public, she is now a favorite among conservative activists. And it is they who will have to elect the new leader from among the two finalists. Europe 1 looked at the candidate, soon perhaps at the head of the United Kingdom.

A Brexiter committed to LGBT+ rights

Only 20% of Britons know who she is, but Penny Mordaunt, 49, is not new to politics. Elected MP for Portsmouth in 2010, she made history nine years later, becoming the first female defense minister under Theresa May. A former Royal Navy reservist, his military background is now an asset to the Conservatives.

“When I was nine years old I was standing on the beach in Portsmouth, watching the ships leaving for the Falklands war leaving the port, says Penny Mordaunt. Seeing that and the determination of Margaret Thatcher at the time, then I knew my country stood up against tyranny.”

A convinced Brexiter, with very tough positions against immigration, Penny Mordaunt is also very committed to the rights of the LGBT + communities.

An eccentric parliamentarian, in 2014, she appeared in a swimsuit on a reality TV show, then donated her earnings to the municipal swimming pool in her constituency threatened with closure. Relegated to a second role in the government on the arrival of Boris Johnson, she is now one of the heavyweights of this election to be the least close to him. For many experts, this would be the reason for its success among conservative activists.


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