United States: 100 days before the midterm elections, Joe Biden’s popularity at an all-time low

United States: 100 days before the midterm elections, Joe Biden’s popularity at an all-time low

Alexis Guilleux (US correspondent), edited by Romain Rouillard

In 100 days, Americans will again be called to the polls for the “midterms”, in other words the midterm elections which allow the renewal of the House of Representatives but also a third of the 100 seats in the Senate. A ballot that promises to be delicate for Joe Biden, whose popularity is crumbling.

The midterm elections in the United States are bound to run through Joe Biden’s head. At 100 days before the election, the American president displays a wavering popularity. For the past year, opinion polls have been very unfavorable to him.

Today, only 38% of Americans approve of his policy, largely due to record inflation, the highest in 40 years. It has now been several months since a Republican wave was announced during these November “midterms”. It should allow the Conservative Party to regain control of Congress.

Nevertheless, in the United States, the mid-term elections always prove to be very difficult for the power in place. Barack Obama and Donald Trump had lost their majority two years after their arrival at the White House. And yet, 100 days from the election, there is still some hope on the Democratic side.

The mobilization of the Democratic electorate: a key factor

Firstly because the price of gasoline is falling, after having reached peaks in early June, and relieves the wallets of Americans. Joe Biden can also rejoice in having obtained political victories in recent days, in particular the rallying of a centrist senator ready to vote on a major investment plan to lower the price of drugs and fight against global warming.

But there is still a big unknown around the mobilization of the Democratic electorate after the recent decisions of the Supreme Court on bearing arms and abortion. The White House has been insisting for several weeks on the need to have progressive elected members in Congress to protect the rights of Americans.


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