United States: the decisions of the Supreme Court, a direct consequence of the Trump mandate

United States: the decisions of the Supreme Court, a direct consequence of the Trump mandate

Alexis Guilleux (in New York), edited by Romain Rouillard
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09:01, July 01, 2022

Recent controversial rulings by the US Supreme Court, including revoking the right to abortion, can be explained in part by the appointment of three of its justices by former President Donald Trump during his term in office. Conservative profiles who make life difficult for Joe Biden.

After abortion, climate change. The US Supreme Court, the nation’s highest court, has ruled that the National Environmental Protection Agency cannot set general rules on emissions from coal plants. A new controversial decision, a week after the revocation of the right to abortion. What again limit the power of the federal state.

These recent decisions of the Supreme Court are also the consequence of the mandate of Donald Trump. In just four years, the former president appointed three judges to this institution. Ultra-conservative, they overturned the highest national court, now two-thirds controlled by magistrates whose vision fits almost perfectly with that of the Republican party.

A powerless Joe Biden

Today, the repercussions are visible. The Supreme Court has become Joe Biden’s nightmare since the start of his term. Censorship of compulsory vaccination in companies, consecration of the carrying of weapons outside the home, revocation of the right to abortion and therefore this decision on the protection of the environment. This latest position undermines the Democratic president’s climate program. It will now be very difficult for the United States to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

It is therefore a powerless Joe Biden who leads the world’s leading power. He does not have a Congress strong enough behind him to pass his texts. However, the Supreme Court also puts its own legitimacy at stake. On abortion or weapons, its latest decisions run counter to public opinion and harm its image. Today, only 25% of Americans say they trust the highest court in the land. A figure that has never been so low.


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