Until when will Dacia be able to increase its prices?

Until when will Dacia be able to increase its prices?

“We maintain the same price gap with the competition”. This is what Denis Le Vot, director of the Dacia brand, answers when we ask him about the continuous rise in Dacia prices, which he does not deny and even claims. Question: Until when will the customer of Renault’s low-cost brand accept such price inflation? Because Dacia does not go hand in hand. At the last adjustment, the little Sandero reaches 10,990 euros in the basic version. That is 200 euros more than last April and 2,700 more than two years ago. Result: 33% increase compared to the old model sold in the summer of 2020, and even 24% over this last year. Yet in the summer of 2021 it was already the same vehicle as today. It hasn’t changed at all! The Clio, technical sister of the Sandero, has only increased its prices by 21% over two years.

The Stepway variant, a Sandero made up as a (false) adventurer, did worse. The price has actually increased by 46% in two years (to 14,600 euros today in the basic version). As for the Duster SUV, it is 28% increase over two years for the entry-level version (at 15,990 euros). All that for a logo change and a few extra trinkets. The Duster range now peaks at 24,400 euros (diesel, 4×4), against 21,600 two years ago. Dacia has just redesigned the names of its various finishes, the main novelty of which is that they are adopting ridiculously English-speaking terms in France, the “Essentiel” becoming “Essential”, the “Prestige” becoming “Journey”… This change allows to increase the price by 500 euros compared to last spring.


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