Unusual. They get married at the McDo of the Mercières ZAC

Unusual. They get married at the McDo of the Mercières ZAC

Caroline and Christophe are good fast-food customers. They decided to take a detour there on their wedding day…

This is the first wedding celebrated at the MacDonald in the Mercières commercial area. Caroline Guinard and Christophe Hagneré, good customers of the fast-food restaurant, had to make a detour there, during one of the happiest days of their lives. After saying yes to each other in front of the mayor of Rivecourt, the town where the couple lives, Caroline, 37, who opened a hairdressing salon in the village, and Christophe, 43, an employee of the Fabergé company in the Meux, passed by the MacDrive, as did about twenty cars of the procession.

“The staff doused the bride and groom’s car with champagne”

A glass of champagne at the drive

“Everything had been anticipated with the management of the restaurant, tell Pauline Moncellato and Agnès Preneta, the two witnesses, They stopped at the outdoor kiosk, then placed an order. We knew that they would be hungry at that moment, because the day is long. The staff doused the bride and groom’s car with champagne, with the bottles that we brought them.»

The driveway of the Drive had been decorated with balloons and a shower of confetti greeted the passage of the bride and groom. Then, the bride and groom and their guests joined the town of Montdidier to continue the party, in a more traditional way.


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