US imposes new sanctions on Iran for ‘malicious’ cyber activities

US imposes new sanctions on Iran for ‘malicious’ cyber activities

The United States on Wednesday imposed new sanctions on Iranian individuals and entities (14 September). He it’sis the second crackdown in a week as they have been involved in a series of malicious cyberattacks against Washington and its allies.

In a statement released Wednesday, the United States Department of the Treasury imposed sanctions on 10 people and two organizations for their involvement in the attacks, including l’Use of ransomware. The designated units are all affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

«Ransomware actors and other cybercriminals, regardless of national origin or base d’ Operations have targeted enterprise and critical infrastructure in all areas direct threat to physical security and l’Economy of the United States and d’ other nations»said Treasury Department Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian E. Nelson.

«We will continue to take coordinated action with our global partners to combat and mitigate ransomware threats, including those associated with the IRGC»he added.

The US government has announced that ransomware payments have arrived in the US 590 million Dollars in 2021 and increase d’Year after year, officials accuse them of wanting to harm the United States, its citizens and the nation’s allies.

The IRGC has reportedly worked with a group of malicious cyber actors from Iran who have been targeting the US and allied countries since 2020. They exploited software vulnerabilities and engaged in unauthorized computer access, data exfiltration, ransomware, and d’other malicious activities.

Several cybersecurity companies have found that these sets d’Break-ins have been linked to the Iranian government, the Finance Ministry statement said.

L’One such company is Microsoft, which released a statement last week regarding a cyber attack against Microsoft l’Albania, theshe helped foil.

L’tech company wrote What «assessed with great confidence that the fifteen In July 2022, Iranian government-backed actors carried out a destructive cyberattack on the Albanian government, disrupting government websites and public services.»

«Simultaneously and in addition to the destructive cyber attack MSTIC [Sécurité et intelligence Microsoft] evaluate thean independent actor supported by l’ The Iranian state has leaked sensitive information that was exfiltrated months earlier.»

During this attack, all government websites and citizen portals were taken offline, and Microsoft, the FBI, and private security companies were called in to resolve the issue, which took several days to complete.

That 7 Prime Minister Edi Rama announced the severance of diplomatic relations l’Iran. All diplomats present in the country had 24 Hours to return to Tehran, and police and bomb squads swarmed out l’Message.

Then the 10 On September 10, a second attack crippled all border management systems at airports, ports and land borders. While many systems were back online within hours, some remained offline for days.

Shortly after the first attack, one side called «home law» appeared and promised to release stacks of government documents, including emails and confidential information. Last week she offered for sale pieces of sensitive data, including those of all citizens registered on the e-Albania portal, as well as data d’other state institutions.

It is not known whether this data was sold someoneand if so, to whom.

carnival (14 September), M Rama had a phone interview with that foreign minister American Anthony Blinken, who pointed this out l’Importance of cooperation between the United States and l’Albania, as well as’With l’I WILL TAKE According to a press release from l’American Embassy posted on Facebook, he «condemned the irresponsible cyber attack of the 9September following the cyber attack of l’Iran vs. l’Albania the fifteenJuly» .

A subsequent phone call with the head of the l’NATO Jens Stoltenberg helped confirm support l’Albania, home to an air force base l’NATO and possibly a new naval base for l’I WILL TAKE

M Rama informed EURACTIV in exclusive comments «according to l’Comprehensive assessment conducted in collaboration with Microsoft super teams and d’ other US agencies, l’Attack was a massive attack aimed at completely wiping out our digital infrastructure along with all associated data. she n’was unsuccessful and the damage was much less than what It’s my turnmight fear after such a blow».

«We clearly see the risk of this ongoing cyber war and c’For this reason, we are all accelerating our plans to build advanced cyber defenses in close cooperation with our allies. PunctualWhere we speak, we see no major risks and we are satisfied with the solidarity of the United States, l’Nato and l’EU that seems to go far beyond the kind words of circumstances.»

At the same time, the Treasury Department in the United States said cybercriminals had targeted New Jersey City government, banks and law firms d’Lawyers, hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools and transport service providers.

The sanctioned companies are Najee Technology and Afkar System along with their owners and key employees. Under the sanctions, all assets and interests located in the United States or controlled by American persons will be frozen. In addition, all transactions by US persons will also be blocked.

these developments it’sfall into the context of the declining momentum of the newly negotiated nuclear deal l’EU, phone theEarlier this month it seemed to be taking shape. In a tripartite statement released Saturday l’Germany, France and Great Britain issued «serious doubts» about the sincerity of l’Iran in the recovery of l’Accordance.

They blamed Tehran d’to have «decided not to take this crucial diplomatic opportunity»Add the«Instead of this, l’Iran next d’escalate its nuclear program well beyond any plausible civilian justification».

Iran’s Foreign Ministry, which also denies cyber attacks l’Albania, criticized these statements «not constructive»reported l’AFP.


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