USA: Donald Trump promises “a very big announcement” next week.

USA: Donald Trump promises “a very big announcement” next week.

Former US President Donald Trump, who is eyeing a new bid for the White House, on Monday night promised a “very big announcement” for next week as Americans prepare to vote in Tuesday’s crucial midterm elections. “I’m going to make a very big announcement on Tuesday, November 15th in Mar-a-Lago,” the Republican billionaire announced of his and Joe’s political future at a campaign rally in Ohio on the eve of the midterm elections at his Florida home biden

Trump paints a bleak picture of the US under Biden

Donald Trump had until recently expressed doubts about a possible candidacy announced on Monday evening. But he assured that he did not want to steal the show from the candidates he dubbed. In the face of a flurry of red hats, the 76-year-old ex-president painted an extremely bleak picture of America under Joe Biden on Monday night. A country where rising prices are “strangling households,” where “violent crime is out of control,” and where the far left is “indoctrinating our children.”

“There is only one solution to put an end to this madness,” pleaded the American billionaire. “If you want to end the destruction of our country and save the American dream, you must vote Republican tomorrow,” he said.

The second round of the Trump-Biden game

In this election, Americans are called upon to renew the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate. A slew of locally elected agencies that decide notably their state’s policy on abortion or environmental regulations are also at stake until the final hours elapse before a second round of the 2020 game comes out.

Indeed, Donald Trump’s meeting squarely competed with that of Joe Biden, organized minutes earlier at a historically black Maryland university on the outskirts of Washington, at which the President urged Americans to “defend democracy.” “We know from the bottom of our hearts that our democracy is in jeopardy,” the 79-year-old Democratic leader asserted as Republican candidates in that election threatened to contest a possible defeat.

Difficulty for Biden tout his purchasing power reforms

Beyond these economic issues, the Democratic camp has therefore tried to the last to present the Republican Party as a threat to democracy and social gains such as abortion rights. It remains to be seen whether this will have the desired effect. Or whether the well-known saying of an advisor to former President Bill Clinton will be confirmed again that “it’s the economy, stupid” in elections.

After his meeting, the President reiterated that he was “optimistic” about the outcome of the vote. However, he acknowledged that maintaining control of the house was “difficult”. Republicans believe they can’t just take the House of Representatives, which is the classic scenario in what has traditionally been a difficult election for the White House party. But also wresting slender control of the powerful Senate from Joe Biden.

Given the effectiveness of a Republican campaign focused on runaway inflation, Joe Biden has found it difficult to tout his purchasing power reforms, which will take years to be felt. Losing control of both houses of Congress would have serious consequences for the Democrat, who has previously announced he wants to run again in 2024, heralding a possible repeat of the 2020 duel between Democrats, because of his age – soon to be 80 – and his unpopularity.


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