Véran asks Mélenchon to “respect the vote of the French”

Véran asks Mélenchon to “respect the vote of the French”

Government spokesman Olivier Véran called on LFI leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Sunday to “respect the vote of the French people” and “allow Parliament” to legislate, on the eve of the discussion of a motion of censure on the left. before the National Assembly.

“He himself must accept the idea that the second five-year term has just begun, that the electoral page is behind us”, pleaded Mr. Véran to the RTL-LCI-Le Figaro Grand Jury, stressing that “the interest general and the nobility of public policy, is to focus one’s attention, energy and efforts towards improving daily life for the French”.

“He has with La France insoumise some 80 deputies, that’s 200 less than what is needed to constitute a majority, and he continues to claim to have somehow won,” insisted the government spokesman. Mr. Mélenchon represents “an opposition party, we respect him for that” and “we ask him in return to respect the vote of the French and to allow Parliament to do what he was elected for”.

The leader of LFI, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, on July 5, 2022, in Paris (AFP/Archives – Emmanuel DUNAND)

The former candidate for the Élysée Palace, who did not himself represent himself to be a deputy, estimated on Tuesday that the crisis born of the legislative elections, which could continue through a “blockage” in Parliament, “will be resolved by legislative elections.

And the left-wing Nupes alliance tabled last Wednesday, just before Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne’s general policy statement, a motion of censure which will be put to the vote on Monday. Its adoption is however very unlikely, the RN and LR groups not supporting it.

“The Nupes will perhaps finally realize that they do not have the majority in the National Assembly, because they will bring together a maximum of a quarter of the deputies”, affirmed Mr. Véran.

“We are rather there in a motion of posture”, he taunted. Because “we are reaching out, they want to turn their backs on us and I tell them that we will continue to reach out to them”.

Despite the relative majority of Macronists, in total “we have 400 deputies in the National Assembly, from Communists to Republicans, with whom we can build project majorities, in a logic of compromise” and “it is the choice that did the French during the legislative elections”, added Mr. Véran, himself an ex-socialist. According to him, the motion of censure is “the very negation of this desire of the French to ask us to work with this logic of compromise”.


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