Véran wants to build a majority without the RN and LFI

Véran wants to build a majority without the RN and LFI

Olivier Véran, the Minister for Relations with Parliament, on Wednesday, excluded the RN and LFI from the majority that the government is seeking to constitute to pass its laws, because they are not, according to him, “in the republican arc”.

“What is on the table is to identify a majority to be able to move forward, reform, and transform our country”, explained the minister on BFMTV and RMC.

“All the options are on the table. It could indeed be an enlargement of our majority, the continuation of the center-left / center-right overtaking, it could be why not an even wider enlargement to say + the time is serious, it we must be able to join forces and find points of consensus to reform the country +, or it can be a system of majority project by project, sometimes with the left, sometimes with the right”, he detailed.

But “to do the calculation in anticipation that thanks to the voices of the RN we would pass a text that we would not pass without them, it’s no, nor with the LFI”, he immediately clarified.

The RN and LFI are two parties with which we are not “considering working concretely to build a majority”, he assured.

“Neither the far left nor the far right. We are in the republican arc, we carried these values ​​during the campaign, these are values ​​that we have at heart”, he insisted, distinguishing them from Communists, Ecologists, Socialists, and Republicans.

Emmanuel Macron continues his tour of the political forces on Wednesday, in search of a difficult consensus in the Assembly where the large contingent of RN deputies arrives.

Three days after the second round of the legislative elections, the political situation remains gassy for the Head of State, forced to review his plans for lack of having been able to achieve a clear majority at the Palais Bourbon.


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