Villers-Saint-Paul. A man injured with six stab wounds, two people in custody

Villers-Saint-Paul. A man injured with six stab wounds, two people in custody

The men were arrested after viewing CCTV footage – Illustration photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

An investigation for intentional homicide was opened after stabbing Thursday, June 30. The information was confirmed by the public prosecutor of the judicial court of Senlis. Thursday evening, near the city-stadium of Villers-Saint-Paul located rue Belle Visé, at least two men came to violently attack a third. The victim, a young man, was in the immediate vicinity of the play area. The reason for this attack is not yet specified.

The victim suffered several stab wounds, six in number, mainly in the face and back. The victim was taken to the Creil hospital center in the middle of the night. His injuries, however, would not be too serious.

Arrested through CCTV

Friday evening, July 1, two individuals were taken into custody at the Creil police station. The investigators were able to very quickly trace the trace of these young men after having been able to consult the video surveillance tapes of the city.

“It’s the perfect example of a video surveillance that works, welcomes Alexandre Ouizille, deputy mayor of Villers-Saint-Paul. Until now, people are not too used to this service being operational on the territory of Villers-Saint-Paul, from now on they know that the investigators can visualize the images and trace their trace”.


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