Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok: Russia has not lost anything by its actions in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok: Russia has not lost anything by its actions in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.7 September) than Russia n’had lost nothing through his campaign in the Ukraine.

S’express when d’an economic forum in the city of Vladivostok to the limit East Russia, he said that all Russian actions were aimed at strengthening the country’s sovereignty and aimed at this «help people» residing in the Donbass region, in l’is of l’Ukraine.

« we n’we have lost nothing and will lose nothing»said Vladimir Putin. «In terms of what we gained, I can say that the main gain was strengthening our sovereignty.»

M However, Putin acknowledged Moscow’s decision d’Sending troops to Ukraine had created one «certain polarization, both in the world theon the insidein the country».

Russia sent tens of thousands of soldiers to Ukraine 24 February there theShe called in a special operation aimed at weakening her southern neighbor’s military capabilities and exterminating humans theShe describes them as dangerous nationalists.

Western countries have dismissed Russia’s claims as trying to justify a land grab.

US intelligence agencies believe that some 15 000 Russian soldiers were killed until now in Ukraine and three times as many were injured which equals the total number of Soviet deaths during l’Occupancy from l’Afghanistan by Moscow between 1979 and 1989.

L’Moscow’s military intervention provoked a spate of sanctions l’West, reducing food prices and l’Energy.

« All our actions are aimed at helping people living in Donbass»said Mr. Putin. « C’ is our duty and we l’ companion until the end. This will ultimately strengthen our country l’ internal affairs and its foreign policy positions.»

The Nord Stream 1 turbine

According to Mr. Putin, l’west n’is unable to dictate terms to Russia in the current energy crisis.

«Give us the turbine and we’ll start north tomorrow electricity1. But they give us nothing»said Mr. Putin.

The position of l’EU is that Russia is using sanctions as a pretext to halt shipments via Nord electricity 1 and pressure to start from north electricity 2, which is completed but is subsequently deferred l’Russian aggression against l’Ukraine.

« There is a way out In Germany, as we can see, there are now protests demanding the launch of Nord electricity2. We share these requests from users in Germany, we are ready to do it tomorrow d’Press the button.»

Mr. Putin presented the logic of Russia’s actions in Donbass according to his understanding of international law.

«Is the situation in Iraq the same?Ils l’bombed there, the country was crushed c’is the same with Libya. Where is this international law?No, everyone understands that n’It’s not in line with international law, so they’re talking about some made-up rules… Let them live with it».

Ukraine’s grain not reaching the needy?

M said Putin thehe planned to limit grain exports from Ukrainian ports because on the 87 Ships loaded as part of l’Effort coordinated by l’UN, only two, after him, achieved until now Developing countries.

«We did everything to export Ukrainian grain. () We l’have done with Turkey. If we exclude Turkey as an intermediate country, almost all grain is exported d’Ukraine does not go to the poorest developing countries, but to the countries of the l’European Union»said M poutine

«Just as many European countries have acted as colonizers over the past decades and centuries, they continue to do so. today. Once again, developing countries have been duped and are moving on d’be deceived»cleared M poutine

He added theWith such an approach, nutritional problems in developing countries will not arise theincrease, which could lead to a «unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe».

He promised to talk to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about it «constrain direction l’Export of grain and commercial food along this route»namely to l’UE.

Before the war, Ukrainian corn accounted for about 10 % of world exports and l’The UN warns that its complete disappearance from international trade chains could lead to starvation in poor countries. Moldova, Lebanon, Qatar, Tunisia and Pakistan are most dependent on Ukrainian wheat.

In late July, Russia and l’Ukraine has agreed, mediated by l’UN and Turkey to unblock Black Sea ports to make this possible l’Ukraine d’export grain and d’other products.

Reference: www.euractiv.fr

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