Volkswagen ID.5: the ID.4 in coupe version on test

Volkswagen ID.5: the ID.4 in coupe version on test

Once a technical platform has emerged within the Volkswagen group, the German manufacturer turns into a veritable war machine, spitting out its variants at a pace worthy of Charlie Chaplin’s film, Modern times. After the Volkswagen ID.4, Audi Q4 e-tron and Skoda Enyaq SUVs, it’s the turn of their “coupé” derivatives to point their noses. The ID.5 is thus distinguished from the ID.4 by its slightly more tapered rear part. However, this does not lighten the style, on the contrary. To give itself a sportier look than its brother, the ID.5 is necessarily decked out with side sills in the color of the bodywork, which give a massive appearance to the profile. We are entitled to love or hate but do not sulk this offer, which allows everyone to find the shoe that suits them.

Those who prefer the ID.5’s leaky tailgate will have to make few practical concessions. The volume of 549 liter trunk under the shelf remains generous: it is even 6 small liters more than the ID.4, which on the other hand offers a greater volume once the bench seat has been folded down (1,775 liters against 1,561 litres). Rear headroom is slightly lower, but who cares, since it’s still suitable for tall adults? In short, despite its qualification as an SUV Coupé, the Volkswagen ID.5 retains all the functionality of a family vehicle. As well as a rather neat interior presentation, identical to that of its brother.

The Volkswagen ID.5 shines on the road

One would imagine, given the technical proximity to the ID.4, that the Volkswagen ID.5 would offer very similar behavior. Admittedly, at the wheel, the proximity is obvious. But the German manufacturer has taken advantage of the full year of marketing of its electric SUV to refine its copy. The electronic trajectory control, which canceled at source any onset of skidding on the ID.4, offers a little more freedom here: when accelerating out of a tight bend, the rear axle now pivots in a pleasant way to help this heavy SUV (2,117 kg) to get out of it.


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