Volkswagen: Oliver Blume, a reassuring boss after the brutal Herbert Diess

Volkswagen: Oliver Blume, a reassuring boss after the brutal Herbert Diess

Soft transitions are a thing of the past at Volkswagen! Since the famous “Dieselgate” scandal (software manipulated on Diesel) in 2015, which cost him more than 30 billion euros, the German group, previously known for its stability, has been preparing for its fourth boss with rather brutal transfers of power. Oliver Blume will take over as CEO of the Lower Saxony company on Thursday after Herbert Diess was fired at the end of July three years before the end of his term. After repeated conflicts with employee representatives in a group in which the state of Lower Saxony holds 20% of the shares, 54-year-old Oliver Blume has to intervene very powerfully in social relations.

“Team spirit, fair play and passion are decisive for success,” emphasized the new boss of the world’s second largest car manufacturer (after Toyota), rightly, when he was appointed. Herbert Diess, 63, who is considered direct and undiplomatic and a great admirer of the rather violent methods of Tesla boss Elon Musk, had lost the trust of the Porsche and Piëch families, who control the Wolfsburg company. He was particularly shocked at the end of 2021 when he suggested that 30,000 jobs could be threatened if Volkswagen’s economic performance did not improve!

Synthetic fuels on the horizon

Oliver Blume not only has to tie in with the famous German consensus. This pure product of the group, in which he has always been active, must certainly continue the electrification, which requires investments in the tens of billions and is intended to make Volkswagen the world number one in zero-emission vehicles by the middle of the decade The in Braunschweig, near the historic Volkswagen headquarters , born engineer has three other important tasks.


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