Volodymyr Zelensky tells NATO that Ukraine deserves its place in the “common security space”

Volodymyr Zelensky tells NATO that Ukraine deserves its place in the “common security space”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told NATO leaders on Wednesday (June 29) that the alliance should make room for Ukraine in Europe’s security architecture.

“Has Ukraine not paid enough[pour adhérer à l’OTAN]? » Mr. Zelensky asked the leaders of the NATO countries, addressing them by videoconference from Kyiv.

“Is our contribution to the defense both of Europe and of civilization as a whole still insufficient? What more do you need then? »he asked.

In order to denounce the lack of a clear path to join the alliance, Mr. Zelensky used an analogy with the doors of the kyiv metro, which are always open until you approach them, after which the user is asked to pay.

“We need security guarantees, and you need to find a place for Ukraine in the common security space”he added.

Mr Zelensky also called on NATO to ” see again “ the way it views its eastern flank, as it would be possible “to get rid of the ‘grey’ zone, and to guarantee security only with Ukraine. »

“Now consider one thing: today, a country that is not a member of NATO, although with your support, has been holding back for more than four months a state that you all officially identify as your main threat. And we prevent Russia from destroying us and destroying you”Mr. Zelensky said.

“Is it a coincidence that all of the Eastern allies, all of our neighbours, are in favor of Ukraine joining NATO? No, it’s not a coincidence. It’s logic. It is the knowledge of life in our region”he said.

Mr. Zelensky also reiterated his demands that Ukraine needs more modern artillery and more financial aid in its fight against the invasion of Russia.

“We need to break the advantage of the Russian artillery… We need much more modern systems, modern artillery”Zelensky said from kyiv at the NATO summit in Madrid.

He added that the financial support was not “no less important than arms aid”.

“Russia still receives billions every day and spends them on war. We have a multi-billion dollar deficit, we have no oil and gas to cover it”Zelensky said, adding that Ukraine needs around $5 billion a month for its defence.

Russia is banking on the assumption that war fatigue and the cost of Ukraine’s financial support will increasingly weigh on EU and NATO members.

The Ukrainian president has, as on other occasions, called for more sanctions against Russia “which will put an end to its ability to finance the war”.


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