“Vote to kick them out”: in the United States, the anger of pro-abortion rights

“Vote to kick them out”: in the United States, the anger of pro-abortion rights

Aviva Fried, edited by Laura Laplaud

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade continues to upset Americans. In Missouri, where abortion is now prohibited, the mobilization is not weakening and it is becoming more political, with the mid-term elections now in sight next November.

After the revocation of the right to abortion in the United States last week, the State of Missouri has just banned it on its territory. This western American state is the first to have made this decision. For advocates of voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG), there is only one hope left: the mid-term elections next November.

“We will see pregnant women treated like criminals”

“Vote to kick them out” is the rallying cry of hundreds of people gathered in the small town of Columbia, Missouri. Under a blazing sun, they parade to shout their anger at the policy of their state which completely prohibits abortion. Anna came with her grandmother. “My body has less rights than my grandmother’s. I’m disappointed to see the direction this country is taking,” she says.

The emotion is still there, but the pro-choicers are calling for action. On an improvised stage in front of the city’s courthouse, speakers follow one another to encourage people to vote. “In November, if you don’t vote for pro-choice candidates, you’ll see pregnant women treated like criminals for trying to manage their lives.”

For the candidates already in the campaign, abortion is an essential theme. This is the case for Trish Gunby, one of the few Democratic deputies in the Missouri local Assembly, who is very afraid for the future. “I think we are becoming a fascist religious state. Everyone needs to wake up and be present, especially at the polls,” she exclaims. The Supreme Court’s decision could galvanize Democratic voters but there’s no guarantee it’s enough to change the US political landscape.


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