War in Ukraine: Moscow prepares to evacuate civilians from Kherson

War in Ukraine: Moscow prepares to evacuate civilians from Kherson


Russia is preparing to evacuate the population of Kherson, a city in southern Ukraine where its troops find themselves in a particularly “tense” situation in the face of the counter-offensive by Kiev, which has denounced the numerous strikes, after targeting its energy infrastructure again on Tuesday. Russian General Sergei Surovikin, who was in charge of operations in Ukraine for 10 days, said on the Rossiya 24 channel that without further details, the Russian army would ensure “primarily the safe evacuation of the population” from Kherson.

Information to remember:

  • Russia is preparing to evacuate the population of Kherson
  • 30% of Ukrainian power plants were destroyed
  • The Russian military has deployed 43 Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones in the “last 24 hours”.

The capital of the eponymous region, occupied by Russia since the spring and annexed in September, is currently under attack by Ukrainian strikes on its “social, economic and industrial infrastructure,” he noted. According to him, this leads to interruptions in the supply of electricity, water and food and therefore poses an “imminent threat to the lives of residents” and therefore the need to evacuate it.

“Further action regarding the city of Kherson itself will depend on the military situation,” he continued, adding without further explanation, “so as not to rule out a very difficult decision-making process.”

For his part, Moscow-deployed leader Vladimir Saldo in the Kherson region announced evacuation of the population of several places to the left bank of the Dnieper so that the Russian army could build “large defenses” in the face of a “large counter-offensive” prepared by the Ukrainian armed forces.

The Russian army is suffering from all sides

The Russian army that invaded Ukraine on February 24 is being damaged from all sides. While it was “very difficult” in Cherson, “the situation in the area of ​​military special operations can be described as tense. The enemy does not give up its attempts to attack the positions of Russian troops,” the general said. “The Ukrainian regime is trying to breach our defenses” by mobilizing “all its reserves” for the counter-offensive in the south and east.

However, Russia has not lost its bite since it again bombed “Ukraine’s military command and power systems” on Tuesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said, assuring that “all targets (were) hit,” with none identified ranged and long-range precision weapons.

30% of Ukrainian power plants were destroyed

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, “Since October 10, 30% of Ukraine’s power plants have been destroyed, leading to massive power outages across the country” as winter approaches. “The situation is now critical,” added a presidential aide, urging all of Ukraine to “prepare” for possible “electricity, water and heating outages.”

A total of “1,162 villages without electricity” and more than 70 people were killed and 290 injured, the Ukrainian rescue service counted.

Attacks by suicide drones had already caused power outages in three regions on Monday and killed at least nine people. On October 10, Russian bombing raids on a scale not seen in months, including on energy infrastructure, claimed at least 19 lives and injured 105.

Kiev’s western allies then promised more air defense systems, some of which have already been delivered.

Moscow’s use of Iranian drones was also substantiated, according to Kyiv on Tuesday: The Russian army sent 43 Iranian-made “Shahed-136” drones “in the last 24 hours”, of which “38 were shot down by Ukrainian soldiers”. said the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

‘Cry for help’ to Iran is ‘Kremlin’s admission of military and political bankruptcy’

This “call for help” to Iran was “the Kremlin’s admission of its military and political bankruptcy,” scoffed Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the evening, who reiterated his refusal to negotiate with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. “We have no such information,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said when asked by a journalist about Moscow’s use of Iranian drones in Ukraine. “Russian technology is used, with Russian names”.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kouleba proposed on Tuesday to Volodymyr Zelenskyy to sever diplomatic relations with Tehran. Yet Tehran reiterated that it had “not exported arms to any of the warring factions,” while Washington threatened to sanction companies or states collaborating on Iran’s drone program.

New Russian strikes hit many Ukrainian cities

The new Russian strikes hit many cities in Ukraine, both the capital Kyiv and Mykolayiv (south), Dnipro (middle-east), Kharkiv (northeast) or Zhytomyr (west of Kyiv). They killed at least three people.

The Russians “are attacking essential infrastructure (…) that people need in their daily lives and which are not military targets,” criticized US diplomatic chief Antony Blinken, saying it was “a sign of desperation on the part of Russia “. “.

The partial mobilization announced by Putin has not been completed

The Russian army is on the defensive on most fronts in Ukraine and has been retreating both to the north and to the east and south since September. The only stretch it is still advancing is near the town of Bakhmout (east), which it has been attempting to conquer since the summer. The Kremlin announced that the partial mobilization of hundreds of thousands of Russian reservists decided by Vladimir Putin after his heavy losses has not been completed “for the time being”.

Kyiv also condemned the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)’s “inaction” to help its captured soldiers, whom the organization has not yet been able to visit. And to denounce the fact that his “prisoners of war and civilian hostages are tortured daily by starvation, by electrocution.”

And Ukrainian operator Energoatom on Tuesday accused Russia of “kidnapping” two executives from the Zaporijia nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest, which it has occupied in southern Ukraine since March.

Reference: www.europe1.fr

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