War in Ukraine: “We must not give Putin a divided Europe,” warns Hubert Védrine

War in Ukraine: “We must not give Putin a divided Europe,” warns Hubert Védrine

US President Joe Biden has warned Vladimir Putin against using chemical or nuclear weapons in Ukraine as the Ukrainian army is leading a counter-offensive in the country. “It would change the course of the war in a way not seen since World War II,” the American leader warned. But will Vladimir Putin remain so without reacting?

Bodies found with their hands tied

More than 440 graves and one mass grave of victims of the Russo-Ukrainian War have been found near Izium, in the midst of a pine forest on the outskirts of the city. Some corpses with their hands tied showed signs of abuse. “Of course we want to react,” launched former Foreign Minister Hubert Védrine. “The unity of Europeans and Westerners must endure over time. Even though we hear voices in different countries saying we’ve gone too far, that the sanctions are punishing us, that ‘we have to start lifting them, it’s still in the minority.’

For the former foreign minister, “we must not give Putin a divided Europe.” And right now we are not in the “worst moment”. “If there are shortages, inflation that continues, then we will see how opinions in Europe react,” he said.

“We have to anticipate to persevere, we have to withstand shortages and inflation. We have to explain it and find alternative solutions. At the same time, it is an opportunity to make progress in ecological consumption, to offset the ecological catastrophe that revive all that makes coal,” he continued on Europe 1.

“One day we will have to reconnect with Russia”

For the former Secretary of State, “Westerners, including the United States, no longer have a monopoly of power.” “One day we will be forced to reconnect with Russia, as was the case during the Cold War,” he warned.

Reference: www.europe1.fr

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