War in Ukraine: What to remember on the 227th day of the Russian invasion

War in Ukraine: What to remember on the 227th day of the Russian invasion

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12:23 p.m. 08 October 2022


A major fire broke out on Saturday morning on the Crimean Bridge, the symbol of the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of the same name to Russia. The cause of the explosion is suspected to be a car bomb that damaged two lanes of traffic. The fire would then have spread to railway tanks. An incident that occurs while Ukraine is announcing that it has liberated almost 2,500 km2 during the last counter-offensive.

Information to remember:

  • A fire broke out on the Crimean Bridge, blocking car and rail traffic on the structure
  • A car bomb is suspected to be the cause of the incident. Russia announces the opening of a criminal investigation
  • The IMF has announced the release of 1.3 billion dollars for Ukraine
  • Ukraine announced on Friday that it had taken almost 2,500 km² of territory in a recent counteroffensive.

A fire caused by a car bomb paralyzes Russia’s Crimean Bridge

A car bomb ignited a major fire on the Crimean bridge, a key infrastructure and symbol of the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of the same name, the Russian National Counter-Terrorism Committee said on Saturday, without immediately accusing Ukraine. This bridge, which was built at great expense on behalf of Vladimir Putin, is used in particular to transport military equipment for the Russian army fighting in Ukraine.

“Today at 06:07 (03:07 GMT) on the road part of the Crimean bridge (…) a car bomb exploded, causing the fire of seven railway tanks heading to Crimea,” said the committee, quoted by the Russian agencies . The Kremlin spokesman told Ria Novosti agency that Vladimir Putin had ordered the formation of a government commission to investigate the matter. According to the Anti-Terrorism Committee, two lanes of traffic were damaged, but the arch of the bridge was not affected.

The head of the Crimean assembly, the Russian-installed regional parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, condemned a coup “by the Ukrainian vandals”. If Ukraine is the cause of the Crimean bridge fire and explosion, it would be a snub to Russia that such vital infrastructure, so far from the frontlines, could be damaged by Ukrainian forces.

Russia is launching investigations and criticizing Ukraine’s response

Russia on Saturday launched a criminal investigation into the blast that severely damaged the major bridge linking Moscow-annexed Crimea to the mainland and which is said to have been caused by a vehicle explosion. The Russian Investigative Committee said it had “launched a criminal investigation into the Crimean Bridge incident.” He specified that the explosion took place after “a truck exploded”.

Furthermore, on Saturday Russia castigated the Ukrainian response to the blast that damaged the Crimean Bridge, a vital and symbolic infrastructure of this Moscow-annexed peninsula, a sign of Ukraine’s “terrorist nature”. “The Kiev regime’s response to the damage to civilian infrastructure demonstrates its terrorist nature,” Russian foreign policy spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies. Ukrainian officials on Saturday multiplied mocking and ironic comments about the blast without claiming responsibility.

The IMF releases $1.3 billion in emergency funding for Ukraine

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will release $1.3 billion in emergency financing to Ukraine through its new food shock relief instrument, the institution said in a press release on Friday. This new financial framework aims to “support Ukraine in addressing its pressing balance of payments needs” but also “to play a catalytic role in future donor and creditor financial support to Ukraine,” the IMF said.

“The scale and intensity of the war that Russia waged against Ukraine more than seven months ago has caused significant human suffering and has severely affected the Ukrainian economy,” the institution estimated in its press release, adding: “GDP is expected to decrease by 35%. in 2022 compared to 2021 and funding needs remain very high.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the IMF’s assistance on Twitter earlier in the day, adding that “the funds will start arriving in Ukraine starting today,” and thanked Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva and the IMF’s Executive Board “for their support.” .

Almost 2,500 km2 of territory was liberated in the last counter-offensive

The Ukrainian army has taken nearly 2,500 km2 of territory controlled by Russian forces in its latest counter-offensive launched in late September, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Friday.

“In this week alone, our soldiers liberated 776 km2 of territory in the east of our country and 29 settlements, including six in the Lugansk region. In total, since the beginning of this week, 2,434 km2 of our territory and 96 locations have already been liberated from the offensive operation,” he welcomed in his daily speech published on social networks.

In recent days, Kievan troops have made a second major push in the Kharkiv region (northeast), but also to the south, near Kherson, a city controlled by the Russians.

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