We France, Xavier Bertrand’s political project is already attracting elected officials from Oise

We France, Xavier Bertrand’s political project is already attracting elected officials from Oise

Xavier Bertrand will formalize the launch of his Nous France movement on October 1 in Saint-Quentin – Credit: Flickr / Fondapol

Despite his defeat in the nomination race for the Republicans, Xavier Bertrand still intends to play a role on the national scene. And this, despite his promise at the time to, in case of failure, only devote himself to Hauts-de-France, the region he presides over. “But it’s good to be able to count on figures that count like Xavier Bertrand or Laurent Wauquiez”, replies Senator LR from Oise Jérôme Bascher. Long-time supporter of Xavier Bertrand, Jérôme Bascher reveals that he will “naturally be part of Xavier Bertrand’s movement”. Just like its first vice-president for the Region, Manoëlle Martin. “I don’t know if he has refocused on the Region in the sense that he has never lost interest in anything, but his idea is to bring the example of what he is doing to the national level. ‘it’s done locally’she agrees.

We France, is not announced as a competing movement of the Republicans. According to the senator it is on the contrary “an opportunity to work with the Republicans, to give a contribution to the party”. A response to the presidential fiasco? “The party thought too little before the presidential election.” It illustrates : “Today, what remains of Valérie Pécresse’s program? We can’t say a word about it anymore…” strikes the senator who had had harsh words towards the beaten candidate, after the presidential election. With Xavier Bertrand, the senator from Oise wants to find a project with in particular “a certain financial seriousness”. It is on these subjects, of which it is “specialist”, that the senator wants to get involved. He will also be a member of the office of the new organization. Manoëlle Martin does not say anything else: “It’s been a long time since the Republicans have done this work of reflection, does she judgeand it dates from before the presidential campaign”. A campaign where despite “his strong involvement” she did not find “of common base, of carrier theme”. “I don’t know if we looked a lot,” she advances. The elected Hauts-de-France then insists on themes dear to the president of Hauts-de-France: “Put the work value at the heart of the project, work in all its forms and with all its implications”, but also “working around communities”. The next few months should therefore be devoted “to work on the project” according to the two elected officials, “to find an ideological base”, insists Jérôme Bascher. He already imagines “a social, popular and territorially based right”.

“Many, many elected officials from Oise”

Jérôme Bascher, Senator of Oise will be a member of the office of the new formation of Xavier Bertrand.

Find a project, not a future president: “For this kind of project, it is better not to count on me”, sweeps Bascher. “We are already going to work on the substance, the rest we will see, we have five years for that”adds Manoëlle Martin.

And what about the positioning of the movement vis-à-vis the macronie? On his site, Xavier Bertrand says he refuses to belong “to the camp of the blockers”. “We want to talk to everyone”confirms Manoëlle Martin.

The movement will also work to structure itself, to recruit. With in particular regional delegates. For Hauts-de-France, the function will be occupied by a young elected representative from Croix (North), Antoine Sillani. But other elected officials, notably from Oise, should join the movement. We mention in particular the name of the regional councilor Anne-Sophie Fontaine, already in the bosom of the structure, but also of the deputy Maxime Minot. Bertrand’s project will attract “many, many elected officials from Oise”swears Senator Bascher.

To be checked on 1er October for the officialization of the movement in Saint-Quentin (Aisne) city of which Xavier Bertrand was mayor and where he launched his political career.


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