Weather Lille: Forecasts for Friday 8 July 2022

Weather Lille: Forecasts for Friday 8 July 2022

A magnificent sun will shine on Lille throughout the day. The values ​​will be 11°C minimum and 30°C maximum. A north wind will blow slightly, with 7 km/h in the morning. The ambient air will warm up in the afternoon with an increase of several degrees. We will go from Friday to Saturday on a clear night.

A beautiful sun is expected tomorrow in Lille. Warmer weather is expected as temperatures will increase. A northwest breeze will blow gently in the morning. Temperatures will rise a few degrees in the afternoon. A north wind, reaching 24 km/h, will blow. Tomorrow evening, a northeast wind will refresh the atmosphere somewhat.

The following days promise to be identical. Sunny weather, with temperatures averaging 28°C, is expected.

Take your precautions in the face of extreme heat: do not forget to stay hydrated, avoid exposing yourself to the sun during the hottest hours and cool off with an atomizer or a wet cloth. Pay attention to vulnerable people around you.


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