Weather Lille: Forecasts for Sunday August 14, 2022

Weather Lille: Forecasts for Sunday August 14, 2022

It’s a beautiful day that Lille will enjoy, where the sun will shine brightly. The values ​​will show between 19 and 36°C. A light southeast wind will blow. The weather will warm up in the afternoon with a rise of several degrees. Thinnings are expected: we will spend a mild evening. The transition from Sunday to Monday will take place under a clear sky.

Tomorrow, in Lille, the appearance of the sun will be delayed by a few light clouds. The mercury will drop several degrees. On the other hand, the weather will gradually improve in the morning and give way to sunny spells. A southwest breeze will blow gently. The sun would show up earlier in the afternoon if light clouds were not present in the sky. Tomorrow evening, a south-westerly wind will noticeably refresh the atmosphere.

After a sunny day on Tuesday, we expect a deterioration on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate the Assumption. Note that this day was the national holiday for a time.


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