‘We’ve never seen flooding of this magnitude’: Hurricane Ian devastated Florida

‘We’ve never seen flooding of this magnitude’: Hurricane Ian devastated Florida

Alexis Guilleux

Hurricane Ian is heading for South Carolina after devastating Florida. Many cities were affected and millions of Americans were left without power. But the rescue operations are very complicated. “We have never seen flooding of this magnitude,” the governor said.

In Florida, some locations are inaccessible after Hurricane Ian. Two islands, for example, are cut off from the mainland because the bridges leading to them were swept away by the hurricane. Emergency services received thousands of calls for help in coastal towns. Dozens of people have already been rescued. All elected officials believe West Florida never knew this.

“The aftermath of this storm is historic and this is only our initial assessment,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said. “We’ve never seen flooding of this magnitude,” he said. “We have never seen a water surge of this magnitude. The damage is significant to many homes.”

Up to 50 cm of rain

The region awoke to a landscape of desolation. Whole cities like Naples or Fort Myers were flooded. There is no doubt that families have lost everything. In the Orlando area, on the other side of the state, the winds were less violent but it rained heavily. We regret rain depths of 50 cm in places.

One of the priorities in areas where water has receded is restoring power: 2.5 million homes are currently without power. Ian will regain hurricane status in the evening and strengthen over the Atlantic before reaching South Carolina tomorrow.

Joe Biden is runningin Florida

US President Joe Biden said Thursday he would visit Florida, which was devastated by Hurricane Ian. “When circumstances allow, I will go to Florida to personally thank the people involved in the relief and recovery efforts,” he said during a visit to the offices of the Federal Agency for Natural Disaster Relief (FEMA).

Reference: www.europe1.fr