What is the state of the airports?

What is the state of the airports?

At Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, 82% of passengers were screened in less than 15 minutes by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), according to the latest update released Friday by the Government of Canada and the airline industry.

The four major Canadian airports have seen an improvement in the number of flight cancellations and delays in recent weeks, with the exception of Montreal-Trudeau International Airport. However, the situation there remains stable.

To improve wait times and reduce congestion at airports, the Government of Canada and the airline industry have taken several measures.

Hiring employees

Since April, a large number of new CATSA officers have been hired in Canada.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has temporarily rehired withdrawal officers and students to increase the number of border services officers available at the busiest airports.

Information resource

The Canadian Transportation Agency has developed an information resource to help passengers who experience travel difficulties. The aim is to provide answers to some common travel questions and to inform passengers of their rights under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations if their flight is delayed or cancelled, or if their baggage is lost, damaged or delayed.


If you are arriving at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, you can save time by using the optional CBSA Declaration available through the ArriveCAN app. This will allow you to submit your customs and immigration declaration prior to your arrival.

Preliminary data shows that when travelers used ArriveCAN to submit their declaration in advance, they spent an average of 30% less time at the kiosk.


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