What to remember from the interview with Emmanuel Macron

What to remember from the interview with Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron tried Thursday to prepare the French for a difficult return to school and winter due to the war in Ukraine, and tried, by outlining a series of reforms, to give a course to his five-year term. “We must all be prepared for (the war) to last. The summer and the beginning of autumn will undoubtedly be very hard,” said the president, referring to the “war economy” situation in which the country faces, during his July 14 interview.

“The real change of the last few days (…) is the Russian decision to start cutting off the gas”, he added in reference to the closure of the Russian Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Europe, officially for reasons of maintenance. “Russia uses energy, as it uses food, as a weapon of war,” asserted the head of state. “We must now prepare for a scenario where we have to do without Russian gas entirely,” he warned.

The Head of State revived for the second time, after 2020, the tradition of the July 14 interview observed by his predecessors. It was also and above all his first television interview since his re-election in April and the legislative elections, which saw him lose his absolute majority in the National Assembly in June.

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Soon a law on labor reform

Emmanuel Macron has endeavored to draw up prospects for French people who are increasingly worried about the inflation fueled by the war and the deterioration of their financial situation. The state will prepare this summer “an energy sobriety plan” in the administrations, collective lighting, to face the risk of shortage linked to the war in Ukraine, he said.

The Head of State has also endeavored to erase the feeling of hesitation left by this beginning of the second five-year term, with the late appointment of the government of Elisabeth Borne, the choice not to really campaign in the legislative elections and in the end the loss of absolute majority. After the bill on purchasing power support measures, the first act of the five-year term, currently being examined in the Assembly, he announced a text of a law on labor reform “as of this summer”

This text, which will be the subject of “discussions with the social partners”, will concern unemployment insurance but also training, he detailed, also citing a reform of the vocational high school and training “throughout life”. Noting the difficulties of many sectors to recruit, he said “hear” those who can “find another job” but not those who rely above all on “solidarity”. “Social progress” rhymes with “work”, he insisted.

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“Responsible compromises” on pension reform

Emmanuel Macron also called for “responsible compromises” on the controversial pension reform with a view to its entry into force in the summer of 2023, reaffirming that the French should “work longer”.

In the absence of a declared coalition, he intends to wrest a majority, text by text, and hold accountable all the political forces that stand in his way. Emmanuel Macron, who will not be able to run again in 2027, also confided “to think about the trace that we leave in history” and to want “to be even more demanding with himself”. He also said he was “more Vulcan, that is to say at the forge” than Jupiter, the Roman god who rules the earth and the sky, and with whom his political style is often associated.

Emmanuel Macron assumes his action with regard to Uber

Emmanuel Macron repeated this Thursday that he “totally” assumed his action with regard to Uber, denouncing “cries of orfraies” after the revelation of his privileged exchanges in the past with the VTC giant. “It’s a political fight that I claim” he declared, boasting of his defense of an “opening of the market” which has created “thousands of jobs”.

As part of the “Uber Files”, an investigation based on thousands of internal documents from the American company of private drivers Uber, the daily Le Monde concluded that there was a secret “deal” between the company and Emmanuel Macron when he was François Hollande’s Minister of Economy (2014-2016). The daily shows that the former lobbyist in Europe for the company, at the time “senior adviser to the board of directors”, contributed in 2016 to raising funds for the campaign of the future president. The president brushed off widespread criticism accusing him of being a “lobbyist”. Wind up, the deputies of the left formation Nupes asked for the opening of a parliamentary commission of inquiry in the National Assembly.

In his interview, Emmanuel Macron denounced “cries of orfraies” and denied having worked specifically in favor of the company. “Do you think we need to move towards more transparency on the role of lobbies in the making of the law, for example, I think that’s what we are doing”, continued the Head of State, without further details. Tuesday, during a trip to Isère, Emmanuel Macron had already said he was “super proud” to have seen “business leaders, especially foreign ones” between 2014 and 2016.

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