Why Lamborghini doesn’t care about recycling its cars

Why Lamborghini doesn’t care about recycling its cars

For a luxury car manufacturer like Lamborghini, it seems obvious that offering models with exceptional driving experience is a top priority. That’s why the brand with the bull continues to offer high-capacity atmospheric engines that are just as musical as they are powerful. On the day of our visit, we drove from our hotel to the Sant’Agata Bolognese plant in an Aventador SVJ, whose V12 produces 770 hp. The brutal performance of this car that set the lap record at the Nürburgring is matched only by its CO2 emissions2 in the WLTP cycle, 448 g/km, one of the highest on the market. For comparison: a Renault Clio E-Tech is content with 94 g/km.

A high value that has to be put into perspective in view of the actual use of cars. If we drove to work in a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ on this special occasion, very few owners of this radically sporty model do so. The owners of the brand’s sports cars (Huracan and Aventador) only drive around 5,000 km per year on average. Also, Lamborghini sold 8,405 cars worldwide in 2021. It’s certainly a record for the brand, but it’s a drop of water among the 8.576 million cars the entire Volkswagen Group produced worldwide in the same year. In short, one kilometer in a Lamborghini emits a lot of CO2. But on the scale of the automotive planet, only a few miles are driven in a Lamborghini.

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