Why Lidl, king of low-cost, creates a very chic mini in its colors

Why Lidl, king of low-cost, creates a very chic mini in its colors

Lidl is on the rise. The specialist in low-cost distribution has cleverly managed to maintain an unusual and flattering image in recent years. In addition to restyling the stores to make them more attractive, the brand has started creating unexpected products. One of the most spectacular examples concerns sneakers in the colors of the brand’s logo, blue, red and yellow. Sold for 12.99 euros at the end of 2020, they sold out very quickly and subsequently caused unexpected enthusiasm on second-hand sales sites, where they were sometimes sold for ten times their original price. The same phenomenon was repeated with tap shoes and bath towels.

This wave of success, combined with Lidl’s willingness to diversify its areas of expertise, inspired our colleagues to do socar moto for her latest April Fool’s joke. Thus, the magazine jokingly announced the imminent arrival of a low-cost SUV, competitor of the Dacia Duster and decorated in bright Lidl colors. The whole thing was accompanied by the modified image of a Chinese model, the Soueast DX5. This is a car that could have competed squarely with the MG ZS, the direct rival of the Duster, which was recently launched in a petrol version.

April fools come true

Lidl apparently valued the joke at its fair value. In a video published on September 26, 2022, Lidl’s Executive Director Purchasing and Marketing France, Michel Biero, announced that he wanted to take the April Fool’s joke at its word.Car. “At Lidl it made us laugh a lot. But most of all it’s a great idea, so we decided to do it, this car.”

In fact, the shot below shows a Mini decked out in red, blue, and yellow. However, there can be no question of low-cost: the Mini is a very chic city car, whose prices currently start at no less than 24,900 euros, due to a simplified offer to face the production difficulties that currently plague the world automotive. The British city runabout is currently only available with a manual transmission and a minimum output of 136 hp.

Why did Lidl go for the Mini that doesn’t live up to its affordable image? Regular marketing is already not planned. Only three copies will be offered during a drawing open to loyalty cardholders between October 3rd and November 13th. Participation in the raffle is possible for every 30 euros purchased. In short, Lidl is not getting into the marketing of cars. Rather, it is the shepherd’s answer to the shepherdess’ post-April Fool’s joke by Auto-Moto.

Former employee cars from Lidl

Even if the draw for this year 2022 is spectacular due to the colorful livery of the Minis involved, the process is nothing new, as a spokesman for the BMW Group confides, of which Mini is one of the brands. . “Lidl is a very important key account customer of the BMW Group. Your fleet consists of our models, whether in Germany or France. Every year they give away ten Minis to their customers, that’s as many end-of-life cars returned by employees.”

This year, Lidl decided to limit the number to three cars, to ensure the exclusivity of the models, but also because the implementation required greater preparation, which was inevitably costly. It was in fact necessary to develop a special coating (colored foil that gives the car its dress, to be placed over the paint) and to treat the three cars that had the base color Moonwalk Gray, the only free color in the range .

“We are in no way on the initiative of these cars,” we sum up on the part of BMW Group France. “We simply validated the style of the livery without knowing exactly how many cars are produced in this way. positive reactions”. This may seem amazing: a premium brand benefiting from a communicative boost at a low cost, this is unparalleled!

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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