Why Renault dreams of setting off with the electric Kangoo

Why Renault dreams of setting off with the electric Kangoo

The announcement of the creation of the Flexis joint venture around the Renault FlexEVan project went somewhat unnoticed yesterday. It must be said that observers have had their fair share of new names to digest. In addition to the Renault, Alpine, Dacia and Mobilize brands (which themselves were recently created), Groupe Renault organizes its activities around six internal units named Ampère (for electric cars), Horse (for hybrids), Power (for means of production) and The Future is neutral (for circular economy activities). A distribution that is not easy to understand since the exact outlines of these chapels were not disclosed during the conference by General Manager Luca De Meo and Finance Director Thierry Piéton.

Equally puzzling is Flexis, a “partnership” that Groupe Renault “intends to establish with a major player in the sector with a complementary activity.” The name of this partner is not disclosed, but Renault indicates that the aim of this union is to be share development costs an electric commercial vehicle, which he sells under the FlexEVan name. are you still following

Renault is preparing a utility that will be more profitable and durable than the electric Kangoo

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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