Why Sébastien Chenu is the real “boss” of the RN at the gathering

Why Sébastien Chenu is the real “boss” of the RN at the gathering

In the storm triggered by the words of MP RN Grégoire de Fournas, the President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, immediately sought contact with him. “She knew I wouldn’t lie to her,” boasts Sébastien Chenu. And it was he who sent the chosen one to explain himself in front of the cameras. “A grotesque story, insurmountable, since everyone believes they have heard something else in good faith,” admits the chosen one. “He was angry,” confirms a Republican tenor. An episode that sheds light on the central role played by Sébastien Chenu within the National Assembly group: both guardian of the Lepenist flock and true “number two” of the parliamentary delegation. The Northern MEP, sitting to Marine Le Pen’s right in the Chamber, is one of the rare veteran RN leaders at the Palais Bourbon. Elected in 2017, he knows all about the workings of the assembly and his closeness to the leader of the extreme right gives him natural authority over his troops. “He is one of the Four Musketeers, along with Marine Le Pen, the group’s general secretary Renaud Labaye and Jean-Philippe Tanguy,” confirms neo-MP RN Thomas Ménagé, praising the measured leadership of the northerner-elect. Boss, but not a bogeyman.”

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The rise of an opportunist

Chenu, former secretary-general of the UMP for diversity, former head of government information services in Matignon, former public relations officer at France 24, is a professional of com ‘who coached Nicolas Sarkozy’s ministers in their public speeches. Including the neo-Macronist Éric Woerth… His chiseled interventions and homely tone play a full part in the strategy of de-demonizing the RN, of which he is one of the faces.new look“. His tortuous political career, from the Sarkozyist right to the RN, which he joined in 2014, gave him all the tests of opportunism. For example, who knows that he was trying to get closer to Anne Hidalgo?

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