Why the Mustang says no to electric

Why the Mustang says no to electric

As President Biden opens the Detroit Auto Show by declaring his confidence in America’s auto industry’s ability to “take the lead in the electric revolution,” the Mustang isn’t afraid to be considered in decline with its gasoline engines. It is aimed at a clientele that remains connected to the good old V8 far above average.

Luckily for them, the Mustang carries the blue badge of a manufacturer who can’t be called a latecomer in the electrification race. Isn’t it the Ford name proudly appearing on the grille of the 100% electric pickup truck that boasts it has overtaken Tesla and got to dealerships before the Cybertruck? Better still, isn’t it the Mustang itself that gives the first true production electric Ford, the Mustang Mach-E crossover marketed in 2019, its famous name and all its aura? When a manufacturer shows such a commitment to electrification, they can afford to stop and listen to their fans.

If the Chargers and Camaros go electric, the Mustang will run on gas

In comparison, the American offshoot of the Stellantis Group is lagging behind. That’s why Dodge management wanted to rebuild its famous Coupe Charger to make it the flagship of a family of electric models that’s about to come.

The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept was unveiled on August 18, a month before the arrival of the Mustang that everyone knew would steal the show at the Detroit Auto Show. This stunningly styled Dodge makes a solemn promise to the American muscle car enthusiast: electric power won’t stop it from being faster than the current Coupe Charger Hellcat V8, quite the contrary. Even more surprisingly, Dodge has committed to making its electric Charger just as exciting through the magic of a sound system that compresses and thumps the air like an exhaust pipe. We ask to hear.

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