Why this Renault is not (yet) the long-awaited electric R4

Why this Renault is not (yet) the long-awaited electric R4

Renault plays with our nerves. In a delightful and intriguing way, yes, but still. Because the 4ever Trophy study presented here should not be taken at face value. Its appearance differs significantly from the Renault 4 Electric, which will start its commercial career in about three years, in 2025. His parents, Laure Grégoire and Sandreep Bhambra (4ever Project Manager and Advanced Design Director respectively) invite us ignore all black elements, from the floor to the wheel arches”. Because if the final Renault 4 Electric “keeps the proportions of this 4ever Trophy concept at a similar size and a length of about 4.20 meters”, it will stick to a less muscular look of a nice family crossover. “This Renault will not be a 4×4 and it will not have off-road capability,” concludes Laure Grégoire, at the risk of getting hopeful.

Renault wants to offer a small, practical and inexpensive electric crossover. A challenge.

Forget the notion of traversing hollow roads at the wheel of an electric Renault more adventurous than the hairiest Dacia Duster 4WD. Nothing like. Instead, the one that should be called “Renault 4 Electric” (rather than 4ever, neither R4 nor less 4L electric) will take on a role analogous to that of the Renault Captur compared to the Clio. Understand that “the future Renault 4 Electric and Renault 5 Electric will form one Duo comparable to that of the Clio and Captur‘ concludes Sandreep Bhambra. You just have to get used to the counter-intuitive notion that the “4” will be larger than the “5”.

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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