Why Vinci brings the ashtray up to date

Why Vinci brings the ashtray up to date

If we are to believe the conclusions of a survey carried out by Ipsos for the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation, more than one in four smokers admits to throwing the butt of their cigarette out of their car window. Not pretty-pretty. And above all, not smart at all, since this simple gesture leads to the burning of thousands of hectares of forest in France each year.

“It is essential to put an end to the received idea that a cigarette butt cannot cause a fire”, insists the Entente Valabre (Agreement for the Mediterranean forest). “From 2010 to 2019, 40% of the areas burned due to recklessness were burned by the throwing of cigarette butts”, argues this public establishment which brings together 15 departments, 15 departmental fire services, as well as the Collectivity Territorial of Corsica.

In our cars, the ashtray is disappearing

This summer, L’Entente Valabre is joining forces with the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation to organize a traveling prevention campaign, marked by the distribution of “30,000 pocket ashtrays”. A way to make up for their increasingly frequent absence on board our vehicles.


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