Why Waze and Google Maps could become less efficient

Why Waze and Google Maps could become less efficient

Among the online navigation applications, Waze and Google Maps are constantly widening the gap. Their secret boot is an ability to avoid traffic jams, by calculating alternate routes almost immediately. A service that most GPS in cars do not offer. It has indeed been less than two years since this feature landed, first on the BMW 5 Series, thanks to TomTom which allows a route calculation carried over to a cloud, with a 4G connection of the car’s infotainment system. Until this feature is widespread, the two Google-owned applications are still gaining more users.

However, the effectiveness of Waze and Google Maps could decrease. If the application makes it possible to avoid traffic jams so easily, it is because it disperses traffic on secondary arteries, most often only known to locals. And this does not fail, in some cases, to create inextricable situations. Who has never found themselves diverted onto a residential road, completely overwhelmed by cars trying to avoid a traffic jam? When the lane in question is too narrow for two vehicles to cross, hell is at the turn.


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