Will Germany become Europe’s leading military power?

Will Germany become Europe’s leading military power?

William Molinié, edited by Laura Laplaud

Germany, which wants to become the leading army in Europe, is showing ambition and setting up an extraordinary fund of 100 billion euros to modernize its army. Faced with sluggish European projects, Germany has decided to turn to the United States, from which it has already ordered 35 fighter jets.

The war in Ukraine puts Europe on the road to rearmament. Germany now has the ambition to become the leading army in Europe. Federal Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu is expected to meet his German counterpart in Berlin this Thursday. Objective: to convince him to do more with the French and less with the Americans.

This trip comes a week after a notable departure from the Bundeswehr chief of staff: “I want equipment that flies, that rolls and that’s on the market,” he said. “No development of European solutions that don’t work in the end.”

100 billion euros for the modernization of the Bundeswehr

It referred both to the air combat system of the future, the SCAF, and to the main battle tank of the future. Two European programs that skate. However, the Germans have already announced a fund of 100 billion euros for the rehabilitation of the Bundeswehr. They want guns right there, right now.

The Germans therefore turned to the Americans, from whom they ordered 35 F35 fighter jets, almost simultaneously burying the idea of ​​a defensive Europe.

An increase in power closely observed by France

This increase in power of the German army is observed very closely by the French armies. Because of this goal of the German army, to become the first conventional army in Europe, the entire Franco-German balance is disturbed. The eyes are mainly on the other side of the Atlantic. One of the fears is that the Americans will invest heavily in the German field and this first European army will actually become American.

“Even though it will undoubtedly be well equipped, we don’t see how the Germans can harden their soldiers in such a short time,” said one of the French general staff. Nonetheless, several sources within the armies are concerned that a very strong German army will return to the European theater of war. “We can’t say it’s worked for us in the last century,” we joke.

Even if France has since acquired a nuclear deterrent life insurance policy.

Reference: www.europe1.fr

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