With the introduction of its electric pickup, Ford is defying Tesla

With the introduction of its electric pickup, Ford is defying Tesla

Unlike Elon Musk, Jim Farley isn’t a fan of the little murderous phrases that are thrown around on social media. Until then, when Tesla’s success annoyed him, the Ford boss said nothing about it, on the contrary, conceding that without this spur (which weighs fifteen times more than he does on the stock market), the manufacturer with the Blue Oval would never have it dared to launch their successful electric car, the Mustang Mach-E. In the field of electric pickups, on the other hand, it is the veteran Ford that has the edge over the newcomer. Jim Farley’s opportunity to brag about it on August 10th.

Because if deliveries of the long-awaited Ford F-150 Lightning pick-up started in May, according to many reports, the famous Cybertruck from Tesla, which was presented three years ago, will not be on the agenda until mid-2023. At that time, the F-150 Lightning should exceed the mark of 150,000 copies. The punch.

When the best-selling vehicle in the United States goes electric, attitudes are changing

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