Withdrawal of Russia from the ISS in 2024: a way to destabilize Westerners

Withdrawal of Russia from the ISS in 2024: a way to destabilize Westerners

Laure Dautriche, edited by Ophélie Artaud
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10:00 a.m., July 27, 2022

This Tuesday, the new boss of the Russian Space Agency announced the country’s desire to leave the international space station within two years to create their own space station. If, according to the experts, it seems inconceivable that the Russians manage to manufacture one in two years, the objective seems rather to destabilize the West.

Russia will withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS), announced the new head of the Russian Space Agency. Moscow will end its participation in the ISS after 2024. Is this model of international cooperation living its last hours? This is not so sure. NASA claims to have received no such information. Concretely, what would the withdrawal of the Russians entail?

According to experts, it is impossible for the Russians to create a space station by 2024

Russia has announced that it will withdraw from the ISS in two years to be able to create and use its own space station from then on. But, according to experts, it is impossible to create a space station in two or three years. Rather, it would take ten years.

By making this announcement, Russia wants to destabilize Westerners. The ISS could not indeed function in the same way as today without the Russians. The United States and Russia are those who invest the most financially in this structure. Cooperation between Russians and Westerners in the space field has already been weighed down by the offensive in Ukraine.

The new boss of the Russian Space Agency, who was just appointed a few days ago, also says that Russia must focus on its own space services, and he is right. Despite historical and very reliable Soyuz rockets, the country must face competition from the American company SpaceX and must catch up with other countries in the manufacture of navigation and communication satellites and in the transmission of data.


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